Saturday, April 8, 2017

“Who’s the Fool?”

This past February 19, 2017 marked the sixth anniversary of the passing of Bernard Brueggemann.  We dedicated an article to him last year on the fifth anniversary of his death (see A Man for All Seasons); and we do so again this year.  Bernie, as many recall, was SGG’s chief benefactor for a good number of years, until he left after the 2009 school scandals. The reason we’re writing here again, though, is not just to re-emphasize what was said before, but to drive home some new points – especially about the cult-masters and about those Gerties still there at SGG.

Those who knew Bernie – and that includes most of SGG’s Gerties – certainly remember him as a good and just man – a man who observed Catholicism’s spirit as well as its “letter.”  It is clear to all who knew him that he led an exemplary life.  But, in reading our previous article, someone might be tempted to say, ”Wow, they really made a fool out of Bernie, didn’t they?”  And they might then surmise that he was “too gullible” in letting himself be so bamboozled by Dannie and Tony.  And they might even deduce that his reasons for apparently “licking their boots” were merely to “score points” with them and to “please” them, in return for “recognition.”  Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Yes, the cult-masters did exploit Bernie – and horribly so.  And perhaps Bernie did what he did in  order to please them.  After all, it is only natural to try to do good for one’s fellow man.  But that was only part of it – and certainly not the main part.  Rather, his reason for doing what he did was supernatural: to please God.  He did it for God, not them. Bernie was simply following the precepts of Our Lord’s two greatest commandments: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind,” and “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”  Bernie was not your typical “gullible Gertie” who slaves away for the cult-masters for the wrong reasons: “brownie points.”  Again, he did it for the right reason: he did it for God.

People tend to label those who let themselves be exploited as “fools.”  But if that is the case, then Our Lord was a “fool,” for He succumbed to the ultimate “exploitation”: He -- Innocence Incarnate -- let Himself be crucified by evil men.  Our Lord knew what the Pharisees were thinking – what “they were up to.”  He wasn’t “taken in” by them.  He knew all along that they would have Him crucified.  But He submitted – in history’s supreme act of humility.  Now in Bernie’s case, he may have been “taken in” by Dannie and Tony – at least to a degree.  However, to be taken advantage of does not make one a fool.  What makes one a fool, in the true sense of the word, is to do something for the wrong reasons.  Bernie did what he did, again, for the right reason, i.e., for God.

Even when Bernie had his suspicions about Dannie and Tony back in 2009 (and even before -- especially about Schiavo),1 he still gave them “the benefit of the doubt,” and supported SGG – not in deference to those two scumbags, but because he felt an obligation to his fellow parishioners to “keep things going.”  Only until such time that there was no doubt did he “cut the chord” with SGG.  Bernie always tried to do what God would do: he gave them every chance to make amends; but they, of course, did not.  They, being the shameless scum that they are, instead “took the moral high ground” and tried to “guilt-trip” him into coming back to SGG.  They even enlisted Big Don’s help in their guilt-tripping efforts, having him write to Bernie, to try to shame him into returning. It didn’t work.  (Click here for the letter.)

This, more than anything else, illustrates the stark contrast between Bernie and these worms: Bernie, giving them “every chance under the sun to come clean” -- and they, using every trick they could think of to “misrepresent the facts” and throw the blame on this innocent man.  It doesn’t get any “starker” than that.  To repay this man’s kindness and generosity with such treachery speaks volumes about just how low these creatures could stoop – and did stoop.  And what was the outcome of their efforts to malign Bernie?  The cult-masters got burnt, that’s what: half of SGG’s parish left; and in the process, their reputations were irreparably damaged.

During Bernie’s time at SGG, the cult-masters took complete material advantage of him, draining him of almost every cent he had, and then finished by discarding him.  They probably thought they were pretty clever in doing so, for Bernie died virtually penniless.  But, in trying to “fool” Bernie, these lepers were only making fools of themselves.  God, Who can neither deceive nor be deceived, was “keeping score”; and while these conniving con men were “laughing all the way to the bank” in this world, Bernie was earning his supernatural reward in the next. It is they, not Bernie, who are the real fools here.

But the cult-masters are not the only fools in this drama.  The other “co-starring” fools are those SGG parishioners who ignored “the hand-writing on the wall” back in 2009, but chose to remain at SGG with these lepers.  In fact, they are the bigger fools, because, in spite of the clear evidence before them, they chose to stay there and continue to be exploited.  But could it be that they were actually unaware of that evidence – of what was going on?  Was it, as they say, a case of “invincible ignorance”?  Not a chance.  As we reported in our last article, they were aware of it all.  The events that happened at SGG in 2009 were well publicized, and most of SGG’s parishioners were informed of them in writing.  And in the case of Schiavo, Tony Cekada’s official position on that was publicized by the cult-masters themselves: it was included as an insert in SGG’s weekly church bulletin one Sunday (in addition to being published on SGG’s website).  Hence, there’s no way that SGG’s Gerties could claim “invincible ignorance” on this. 2

So then, why did they choose to stay at SGG?  Well, to repeat what we said in our last article, a big part of it is “the cult mentality.” And it’s also about their “inertia” and their inability to do without “the show”: they just can’t seem to do without the pontifical pageantry that Dannie puts on every week.  They’d rather be exploited than give all that up.3  And in the years since 2009, that exploitation has continued unabated: the Gerties have been tapped for bankrolling all sorts of “improvements,” including fixing SGG’s ever-leaking roof, replacing its prematurely failing HVAC system, buying Tony a new organ (to replace one that was working perfectly well), financing Dannie’s vacations to sunny climes (aka “apostolates”), “etc., etc. etc.” (to quote the king of Siam).

And what do they get in return for having their wallets drained?  Again, “the show.”  (And, oh gosh, we almost forgot:  they also get SGG’s “school” -- perhaps the biggest “wallet-drainer” of them all!)  Well, Gerties, we hope that “the show” is worth all that exploitation, because, by backing these hirelings, you may endure the ultimate exploitation -- losing your souls – and thus become the ultimate “fools.”  So, what say you, Gerties?  Why don’t you stop fooling yourselves, stop pretending your “invincible ignorance,” and stop following your cult-masters into spiritual bankruptcy -- then start seeing what everybody else is seeing?  Then, give these fools the “pink slip” they deserve.  It’s long overdue.


1Bernie, along with many at SGG, deplored Cekada’s depraved justification of the murder of Terri Schiavo.  But, nonetheless, Bernie reluctantly “overlooked” this, and continued to support SGG, because he probably thought it was worth staying there for “the sacraments” and having a functioning school.  (However, if he knew how bad the school really was, we wonder if he would have stayed.)  But 2009 was “the straw that broke camel’s back” for him: amongst other things, some of Bernie’s own relatives suffered personal abuse at the hands of SGG’s “school principal”; and when Bernie questioned Dolan about it, he was rebuffed in typical “cult-master” fashion.  It was then that he finally made up his mind to exit SGG.  (He also received a caustic reply from Sanborn.  See A Tale of Two Letters.)

2 Not only were most parishioners informed in writing, but “word of mouth” news of it also “spread like wildfire” throughout the parish.  There was nary a single parishioner who didn’t know what was going on.  And in the case of Schiavo, several parishioners (including Bernie’s niece) exchanged lengthy correspondence with Cekada about it; but in every case, he rebuffed them in his usual arrogant, condescending way.  (His correspondence with Bernie’s niece was particularly condescending.  For more on this and other correspondence, click here.)

3 Of course, the biggest reason for the Gerties staying at SGG is, as we stated in our last article, pride: too proud to admit that they’ve been wrong all these years in backing Dannie and Tony – so they pretend “invincible ignorance” so that they can stay there and get their weekly dose of “fairyland fantasy.”


  1. Please include Sanborn in this when you say that these men take advantage of parishioners. He tends to have his favorite elderly parishioners he does this to for more money.

    1. Indeed YES! Sanborn probably takes even greater advantage of his parishioners than Dannie and Tony (if that’s possible). And besides being even worse than they in that regard, he has the added “dimension” of being an out-and-out LUNATIC. We should also include Pivvie at CMRI. The “bottom line” is that – if the full truth were known -- there are MANY, MANY MORE of these bloodsuckers in traddieland. In all too many cases, they’re all about MONEY.

    2. And rings and miters and pectoral crosses - Danny has his Our Lady set, his St. Patrick set and who's paying for their jewelry? Those still sitting in the pews.

    3. Dannie and Tony have ALL KINDS of toys – and rooms full of vestments and other ecclesiastical paraphernalia. (In fact, most of the rooms in the “school” are actually “warehouses” for their junk.) In addition, their “rectory” is pretty posh: 2000+ sq. ft., with a “three-climate-zone” HVAC system, and Dannie and Tony each with his own 20 ft. bedroom (and each with a HUGE walk-in closet and private bath). Another “interesting” thing about the rectory is that most of the INTERIOR doors have LOCKS on them.

      We’re sure that Big Don’s quarters are just as posh (and probably Pivvy’s too); but we have no ifirst-hand nformation on them. Perhaps one of our readers could provide us with some “details.” All of this, of course, is bankrolled by the parishioners, who are expected to sacrifice and “offer it up” so that their cult-masters can “LIVE it up.”

    4. When Antonius Balonius designed the "Seminary" it was described as having 40 rooms (presumably to house that number of people). Every year Donnie Boy laments he can't fit his "12 seminarians" in and needs to build another wing. Well his fancy schmanciness manages to lose his "seminarians" pretty quickly so the usual 7 or 8 are left. So what do the other 28 rooms house if 12 seminarians place a strain on 40 rooms ?

    5. Pivvy's set up is a little strange. He has a house attached to the church by a corridor but back in the day he had seminarians rooming in the basement of his house and another house he bought next door. He also had a guy who lived in the basement who was a former CMRI brother who had the run of the place. He came and went as he pleased, in shorts, tank top and flip flops and a green convertible. Suddenly the order was issued that all the seminarians were to move out of the Pivmeister's house, a claim was made that items had been stolen from the big shot's office and that door which connected the rectory to the church was permanently locked thereafter.

    6. Piv also moved the school out of the former chapel on the other side of the rectory. One Saturday afternoon he had his nuns clean out a carpentry room and paint it until the small hours of the morning so it could be used as a second classroom the following Monday. That meant that all access to the rectory was now cut off. Why he suddenly made all these changes nobody at the time could fathom it.

    7. As a former novice "brother" I can fathom it why he did this.Piv does not want anyone to know what he is up to at night and any former "seminarian" should know that the "bishops" car is often gone at night.My family are praying that the truth about this scumbag will come out.You good folk should know he has large sums of cash.He got his hands on funds in CMRI bank accounts after the 1984 Schuckardt break up that were in Europe.There is so much that could be written.

    8. A big “thank you” to all of you who have sent us information on Pivarunas. Yes, we’ve heard much about the Pivmeister; and we have some pretty hefty suspicions about the kinds of “activities” in which he engages (especially, as you say, when his “car is often gone at night”) – enough to scare us away from having anything to do with him. And, although some of his priests may be decent men, what we’ve heard about their “bishop” is enough for us to steer clear of the whole CMRI operation as well.

      It’s just a shame that the abundance of anecdotal evidence we’ve heard about Pivvy only qualifies, in legal parlance, as “hearsay.” But someday, God willing, the whole DOCUMENTED truth will come out about him. And until that day comes, we can only hope that the damage done to people – both spiritually and materially – will have been minimal. If the whole truth were known about Pivvy, Big Don, and Dannie and Tony, it would probably, as they say, “scare the hell out of people!”

    9. So that accounts for why Piv was often missing at morning prayers and meditation - I wondered why he almost never showed up. There was also a seminarian who absented himself every time he knew Piv wasn't going to be there - I wondered how he could predict Piv's absence so accurately. I never knew his car was always gone.

    10. The Watcher.Thank you,Thank you very very much for having the COURAGE to say this about Pivarunas.I am a former seminarian who saw first hand a number of shocking observations.I can't say too much for the great fear of Pivarunas knowing who I am.

      You are right on the money about having suspicions about the kind of "activities" in which he engages.All I will say this if people really knew,it would scare any young man away.

      Piv also never ate the crap we had for breakfast or lunch.He would never be there.

      My time with CMRI basically destroyed my spiritual life and almost losing my faith.My family and I now attend FSSP Church.

    11. You should see his loser priests at a priest meeting - in my time Fr Brendan used to march around looking officious handing out reams of papers for them to pore over. A priest leaned over to me and whispered: "Who do they think they are the Society of St. Pius X saving the Church?" I practically exploded since I was thinking the same thing. The only real brains in the outfit was Fr. Louis but he left and so did any real "theologian". When Piv used to write his letter to the flock "Pro Grege" he used to send it to Fr Benedict to correct spelling and grammar. I once saw an uncorrected version and couldn't believe the misspellings - well what should one expect from a Schuckhardian "High School" ? He once gave me a set of photocopies of the rules for serving a pontifical low mass (of which I was well acquainted already) he had hand-written on the top "Prepare for the 2nd Chaplin" - "As in Charlie Chaplin?" - I thought. No as in "chaplain" - God help all who sink in her ! A low floater in a little pond ! Where's Myrna when you need her to defend "her bishop"?

    12. Thank you above for your comments.Did Fr Louis leave and marry a ex nun?
      Do you have any info about the training at Mater Dei.Any info would be very interesting.

    13. There is no training at Mater Dei seminary.

    14. Sure there's training - Piv himself reads the book to you as you sit in his office for an hour. When it gets to the Latin parts he tells you to read those bits by yourself. The exam questions (in my day) were given about 10 days before the exam and you never got a paper back with a grade of any kind.

      In Latin 3 we had a very genial priest who used the Scanlon Second Latin book that Tan used to put out. We would sit looking at a sentence and the professor would make up a translation that bore no resemblance to the Latin whatsoever. I used to bite my cheek and tongue to keep from laughing until after one particularly egregious effort I exploded into gales of laughter which set my fellow alumnus off as well. The embarrassed educator sternly demanded the source of merriment so I told him to his face: "You know less Latin than I do." This of course had my fellow sufferer laughing again. We were both informed that we had to write an essay in Latin on any topic of our choice and submit it before the end of the week. My comrade at arms told me he would only do it if "Pete" would (meaning the priest). I did write it and gave it him the next day - I'm sure he couldn't read a word of it. He gave it back to me a few days later and said "Very impressive." Latin classes ceased after that.

      So there definitely is "training". There is, however, no spiritual direction, nemo dat quod non habet (seems appropriate). When I asked the Vice "Rector" at the time he told me: "I don't have time for any of that." I'm sure he didn't.

      We did cover Canon Law but only the section De religiosis because, of course, I was a secular and they wanted me to join.

      We covered Halligan's book on the Sacraments in 10 classes - that was a fine treatment of a weighty subject, however, the priest who "discussed" this book with me was so liberal in his theology that we invariably got into a shouting match over it. Some months later I saw his library shelves had the three volume work "The Law of Christ" by Bernard Haring a Novus Ordo liberal whose writings were (and probably still are) the staple in Novus Ordo seminaries - Yes Myrna that's your parish "priest" for you !

      So I'm sorry, fair's fair - they do have training at Mater Dei - it all depends upon what "training" means. I would say ESN training. (Educationally sub-normal).

      And some are bothered about the food - that's the least of your worries.

    15. Okay,many thanks for the info.Is it correct that Fr Louis left and married one of the sisters?Piv must know the liberal ways of Mt St Michaels and nothing is done.Thank God we are in the SSPX and have excellent Clerics.

    16. I have a audio tape of the sermon that Piv gave that made trash of Fr Thomas Marie who left CMRI.I am sure Fr knew much about Piv and the problems at MSM.

      A fine website along with PL.Just found it today.Look forward to future postings.

    17. What year did Vaillicourt leave?There were others like Berchtold and Kasik among others.

    18. As to the questions about Fr. Louis and Fr. Vallincourt, I’m not an expert on “trad history,” and can’t answer on that. The folks at Pistrina Liturgica know more about that than I. I suggest that you ask them, either via “comments” to one of their articles, or by private email (they have a website email address).

      The audio tape of Piv trashing Fr. Thomas Marie, Pivvy doing such a thing does not surprise me at all. That’s pretty typical of the cult-masters: they freely tell slanderous lies about anyone who “gets in their way,” yet condemn those who TELL THE TRUTH about them. Apparently, their Roman collars are their “licenses” to say and do whatever they want. Dolan, Cekada, and Sanborn have done the same thing many, many times.

  2. At one point, didn't Sanborn have his mother living at the seminary and having the seminary's chef (who also lives at the seminary) take care of her?

    There are rumors about Sanborn's cat having the run of the building, to the point that the nuns, seminarians, and even other priests comment how they want to "get rid of it" but can't do so due to it being Sanborn's special pet.

    1. Perhaps Dannie could send one of his cats on an “apostolate” to visit Big Don’s cat down there at the swamp house, to keep it company – Puccini perhaps! (Of course, if Puccini’s been “fixed,” he wouldn’t be very good “company” for the Donster’s kitty.) But, of course, Dannie could send Caravaggio instead. However, we don’t know whether Caravaggio too is “fixed” or not; but if he’s in any way like the medieval character he’s named after, that’d be a moot point anyway (because that character was, in Aussie parlance, a “poofter”).

      What we at Lay Pulpit recommend for Big Don’s cat is an all-expenses-paid respite at a kitty spa in, say, the Florida everglades, where, we hear, the anacondas are really fond of cats.

  3. You have sanborn, Selway, Eldraucher, Desposito, fleiss, and the cook needing a room. That's 6 rooms. Then there are how many seminarians? They probably have a classroom and a library. Another guest room for when Cekada and Dolan visit. I don't see that close to 40 rooms though. Maybe since they have someone who makes sure the beer refrigerator is stocked, they have a beer and entertainment room?

  4. Florida Seminary Building Project

    New Seminary rendering
    In 2003 Most Holy Trinity Seminary acquired 50 acres of land near Brooksville, Florida, (about 30 minutes north of Tampa) with a view towards constructing a new building and relocating its operations there. Construction began in January 2005.

    Since then, the seminary has constructed a new building in the Spanish Mission style with about 40 rooms opening onto an arched walkway around a central courtyard. The building consists of a student rooms, faculty quarters, library (with 10,000 volumes), classrooms, recreation room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, service areas and a small chapel.

    The large church has been completed, and the interior is finished in a Roman Classical style.

  5. Actually it's one weird looking building with many incongruous architectural styles a chapel with all the charm of late 50's pre-novus ordo monstrosity stacked with Sanborn's incredible penchant for candles and candelabra. It strikes a very discordant tone and is shoddily constructed. It does offer an endless series of opportunities for the "Rector" to lecture people that if they want priests they have to pay for the beer and wine mountains he hoards and the endless sets of vestments that a multitude of loafers need to celebrate the daily "opus".

    1. Yes, the MHT complex down in B’ville is certainly a pretentious looking operation – and grossly “over-built” for what it’s used for. Perhaps the majority of those forty odd rooms is used -- like SGG’s school -- to store a lot of Big Don’s hoard of ecclesiastical junk. And speaking of “junk,” we hear that the whole facility down there is pretty much “falling apart.” (Maybe that’s part of the reason why Big Don is leaving there for “greener pastures” in Europe: he wants to get out before the joint disintegrates!)

      We’d also like to reiterate what we said in a comment about Pivvy that also applies to Big Don (and Dannie and Tony): they’re all quite a scary bunch. If the whole truth were known about all of them, Tradistan would be virtually DESERTED.

    2. If the skeletons could legally come out Tradistan would be up for sale at marked-down prices for "quick sale", just like the Novus Ordo places emptied after Vatican 2.

      Who writes these howlers:

      "He has indeed lived up to the motto he took for his episcopacy: Animam pro ovibus ponere (To lay down my life for the sheep). To go the extra mile for someone in need is his way of life; he knows no other."

      He go an extra mile to fleece any sheep.

    3. What skeletons? Everyone knows that the man is crazy? Everyone knows he makes bad business decisions like hiring the goob that was paying off building inspectors so he could cut corners, which is why the building is falling apart (not just from wear and tear).

      There is much going on at Tradzilla's swamp, but it is mainly him defrauding parishioners out of money with a promise of this being the best chance they have to get to Heaven.

      If you know of any skeletons, I'm sure australia and any other of his future missions would be glad to know about them before he drains them too.

    4. I was using the Name Marcus Antonius as in Pivarunas - he's got plenty of skeletons as has Donny and Denny before Spring Lake and the "forced vocations" into a convent without training and then there's Dannie and Tony and the later's showers with prepubescent boys. We could go on but modesty forbids. Don Tradzilla is not the only miscreant in these awful stories and right now, I'm beginning to feel a lot of unmasking needs to be done to clean up the mess in Tradistan because I know all of these useless cretins personally and Holy Week is Traditionally when light does battle with the forces of evil - the Star Wars - "Dark Side" -- Was George Lukas channeling these guys or what ?".

    5. As to the best way to Heaven - what did St. Augustine hear? "Tolle! Lege!" You don't need these fly-by-nights - God's Word is accessible for all to read. When some pharisee sets himself up as the be-all-and-end-all you know Our Lord has already spoken of such men - His Words are clear - you don't need some half-baked completer to explain the Word of God to you - you have the Sensus Catholicus and plenty of resources online that explain the authentic Catholic Faith - Tolle Lege - My Friend !

    6. Marcus anthony, what do you mean by legally come out? Is the law protecting Sanborn? The people need to know.

      My guess is that there are abuses going on at this place but no one is willing to report it for fear that they will go to hell for exposing a priest or priests.

      It's already been said that mcmahon was protected by Sanborn after he abused a girl, got her pregnant, and was relieved she had an abortion, and then continued to pursue a sexual relationship. He protected him after by allowing him to continue his priestly duties and now has accepted him back in Brooksville.

      What other things and people has he been protecting or encouraging?

    7. Yes, we have heard much of what has been mentioned here in the foregoing comments – and MORE -- about Pivvie, Big Don, and Dannie and Tony; but, unfortunately, we can only deal PUBLICLY in documented facts. All of these scumbags are “just careful enough” to keep their depravity from “surfacing.” They also rely, of course, on people not “slandering” them because they wear Roman collars, or on people remaining silent because they’re afraid of “retaliation” if they say something.

      Another problem is that people – especially those whose brains have been softened by the cult-masters – will tend to “forgive” monstrous transgressions by these worms, and go on “accepting” them as if nothing had happened. Case in point: McMahon, who, while speeding, killed a little six-year-old girl with his car, “settled” for damages, then DECLARED BANKRUPTCY to get out of it. Then, later, he got a young woman (whom he was “counseling”) PREGNANT (then "dropped out of sight" after that). (For more on McMahon's "escapades,", go to the website To this day, people “forgive” (and even DEFEND) this scumbag! How is this possible?

      It’s possible because of “Roman Collar Syndrome.” That is, this worm is a member of the “Roman Collar Club”; and, therefore his fellow “priests” CLAM UP about him. (And so do the “forgive and forget” laity.) So, no matter what these scumbags do – commit adultery (or sodomy), commit vehicular homicide, live lavish lifestyles, defend the murder of Terri Schiavo, etc., etc. – people tend to KEEP MUM about them -- and even to follow and support them. However, God is “keeping score” too – and, sooner or later, these scumbags will have to answer to Him for their deeds.

      But, that being said, how much “collateral damage” will they do along the way? For that reason, people who have DOCUMENTED evidence against these bums need to come forward and MAKE IT PUBLIC. We encourage people as well not to be “afraid” of what these worms will “say” – because they’re only a bunch of tinhorns anyway. And as far as what they will “do,” these worms really can’t do anything – because they have more to fear (and lose) on that score as well. And the more people come forward, the more that will grow into a groundswell that will eventually bury these scumbags. Let that groundswell begin!

    8. Marcus Antonius, 4/10, 7:58

      How right you are about the cult master walking any length to fleece his flock. We suggest therefore, he change his motto to Ad Tondendas Oves, from Gen 31:19.

  6. Anonymous April 10, 2017 at 5:35 PM

    Sadly Wrote:
    ..."My time with CMRI basically destroyed my spiritual life and almost losing my faith.My family and I now attend FSSP Church."

    AND another sad Anonymous April 9, 2017 at 8:47 PM

    also wrote:

    ..."My family are praying that the truth about this scumbag will come out.You good folk should know he has large sums of cash.He got his hands on funds in CMRI bank accounts after the 1984 Schuckardt break up that were in Europe.There is so much that could be written."

    What a sad state of affairs when the priesthood is reduced to this kind of blatant sin and ilk.

    I commend both Anonymous writers for informing this blog of the atrocities that are going on in yet another so called Traditional Catholic Organization. Truly the devil is everywhere. These times were predicted, however, we all have choices, and fear should not be one of them. The only way to rid ourselves of the devil within is to address it, not run from it out of fear. God is with everyone who is trying to expose the evil that is destroying HIS PRIESTHOOD. Fear should not be a factor unless you want more victims like yourselves. God is the only Supreme Being who should be feared, not the evil one and his henchmen.

    Isn't it amazing how the mice always come out at night.

    Nothing like a good old hungry cat to be on patrol.

    Time to clean the house, inside and out!

    This blog along with Pistrina Liturgica are cutting through all the sleaze by opening the portals of your mind to think clear, so that you can review all that is before you, so that you can help clean out the swamp.

    All of these so called men of God are nothing more then predators, killing the souls of the innocent under the guise of being holy.

    Our Faith is all about the Prince of Peace, not the Prince of Darkness.

    I call upon any and all who know the truth about Pivy, and (his band of merry men), to come forward and post all information on these two sites cited so they can protect the innocent from the wild and wicked snares of these so called clergy.

  7. Oh I don't like the part about the cat and mice - sounds like Dolan's in here now with his weekly bishop's column which I call the Cincinnati Weather Report since he insists upon telling his people each week what the weather was like the previous week which to me would seem redundant since one would expect his people to know very well what the weather was for themselves if they lived through the last week and if they didn't (because they had departed this life already) they couldn't care less.

    1. Perhaps the Easter "Weather Report" will have both cats depositing several dead "bunnies" on account of the season you understand. Perhaps Uneven could get the "barby" (as they say down under) out and cook up some if the food supply dries up as their people keep reading these edifying snippets of life in the rectory.

    2. Please leave Puccini and Carpetbaggeraggio out of these comments. Carpetbaggeraggio is not to be confused with Caravaggio (who is described above as having been in Aussie parlance, a “poofter”). No Carpetbaggeraggio is myself who made a expensive trip to Tallhassee to pick up an ablution cup from their little group that I had had my eye on from a previous visit - to the shock of the people I didn't even have the grace to say Mass for them and just left with my prize possession.