Saturday, July 15, 2017

You Can’t Fix “Stupid”

A recent Pistrina Liturgica article (click here) contains a series of comments that we've decided to share with our readers.  And the reason we’ve chosen to do so is that some of its comments are so typical of the kind we get from SGG’s (and MHT’s) brain-dead loyalists -- and perfectly illustrate how their minds work.  The series began with someone mentioning Sanborn’s having a hoard of precious ecclesiastical paraphernalia, and commenting thusly: Rumor has it that Don has at least two large safes filled with expensive chalices and such.”  One of Sanborn’s (obviously disbelieving) “loyalists” then accused him of being a “rumor monger” (because he started with, Rumor has it…”), after which the ensuing discussion degenerated into the “Sanborn loyalists” calling their opponents “you women-folk” -- and, of course, demanding proof of the existence of the safes.
Well, the proof eventually came – and it was indisputable photographic proof (click here).  However, even photographic proof (apparently) doesn’t convince some people, for a subsequent commenter retorted, All we have been given is a photo of a safe.  So what?  That does not prove the rumors of what is supposed to be in it” [as if the chalices and other articles there couldn’t be seen – because it was a locked GLASS case, where the chalices et al were clearly visible].  And, later on, another added, “A photo with a cleric in it who is not unhappy about the photo being taken.  Nothing wrong in the photo.  You women [our emphasis] are too much.”  Well, what can one say?  It seems that even photographic evidence “doesn’t work” for the disbelieving.  (And what, we may ask, do the phrases, “A photo with a cleric in it who is not unhappy about the photo” and “Nothing wrong in the photo” mean?  What relevancy -- or rationality -- do they add to the mix?)  (Note also the nice “misogynist” touch: “You women”!  This comment, by the way, was followed by an even more misogynist comment: “‘Women’ being the operative word here.  Just a bunch of gossipy, old spinsturds.”)  [Another nice misogynist touch!]

Pistrina’s “Reader” then responded by reminding the commenter that he was missing the point – actually, two key points: first (to quote him directly, “Sanborn has tons of liturgical vessels. He can afford to outfit the new Melbourne cult center without asking the laity to pay for it.”  And secondly, “The ‘rumor’ reported on June 11 12:34 is true, and hence 12:34 is not a "rumor monger" but a truth teller, a reporter of fact.”  At this point, a commenter (the same one?), alluding to that earlier comment ("Rumor has it that Don has at least two large safes filled with expensive chalices and such"), replied, “You [“the Reader”] are missing the point. We do not know what is in the safe, do we? 
What the commenter was doing here, of course, was “switching gears”: he was switching from talking about the concrete photo evidence of the “glass case” safe – evidence that he could not refute -- to another type of safe: a “bank vault” type (the one from that earlier comment to which he alluded), whose contents, of course, cannot be seen, because such a safe is made of steel, not glass).  This deceptive “switch” was, of course, intentional: he had shifted the argument to something else – and then (falsely) added that “the Reader” had “missed the point.”  But the Reader’s point was not about “safes” at all.  The “point,” as Pistrina correctly noted, was this: why is Big Don asking for donors to furnish items (for the Melbourne chapel), when he already has a whole stash of such items to donate (and probably much more).  Whether they are in a glass case or in a “bank vault” is totally irrelevant.1

Later on, another commenter tried to derail the discussion yet again with this: “Pistrina Liturgica June 16, 2017 10:00 AM does not mention the Catholic moral teaching about rumors.”  Maybe she will soon.  Of course if she does it will be in her usual balanced manner” [our bold emphasis]. This comment (again) alluded to that earlier “two large safes” comment (because its author started it off with, “Rumor has it that Don has at least two large safes…”) – thus (supposedly ) making him a “rumor monger.”  Well, “the Reader” eventually (and patiently) answered this new (and false) accusation, reassuring the accuser that “rumor has it” is just another way of saying “it is reported” – and hence is not “rumor mongering.”  “The Reader” then gave a succinct (but thorough) explanation about Catholic teaching on rumors, and finally “put this false accusation to bed.”  [Note too that the accuser once again used the words “she” and “her” in his misogynist rant.]

Well, after that, the commenter – like the proverbial “greased pig” that he is – slithered off to yet another corner with this meaningless taunt:  “Aren't you supposed to be resting from hate today?” (He was inferring, of course, that reporting about safes full of ecclesiastical paraphernalia amounted to “hate mongering.”) Unable to deny the obvious truth of those reports, he resorted to the classic ad hominem tactic -- what some might call “ignore the message, shoot the messenger” – except that he was shooting the wrong “messenger.” 2

So, to summarize, things started off with someone denying photographic proof, then following it up with such obviously irrational (and misogynist) accusations, then trying to “switch” the argument by sending it off in several directions, and then finishing up with a cheap ad hominem attack?  What kind of idiots would use such tactics -- and who do they think they’re fooling, we may ask, with such an obvious trail of deception?  Don’t they realize that arguing in the face of such clear evidence is self-defeating?  And, if they consider themselves “Catholic,” do they not realize that seeking the truth is more important than winning the argument – especially by resorting to such underhanded methods?

Apparently not.  For them, “winning” is the only thing that counts.  But in trying to defend their cult-master heroes, they blind themselves to the truth -- and end up making liars out of themselves for their heroes (thus embarrassing them and thus hurting them in the process).  This says a lot about them; first, that – like their cult-masters, they have no principles.  Lie, cheat, steal: it really doesn’t matter, as long as it’s “for the cause”!  Principles are nothing.  Truth is nothing.  Winning is everything.  “The cause” – or what they perceive as “the cause” -- is everything.  (That’s why they can reconcile themselves to Checkie’s depraved conclusions about Schiavo, to Dannie’s equally depraved “boys-will-be-boys” “morality,” and to the scandalous events at SGG's school in 2009.  As long as they get their “show,” they really don’t care.)  Pilate once said, “What is truth?”  For the cult-masters and their trolls, their answer would be, “whatever we want it to be.”

And the other thing that this “says about them” is how much they’ve been brain-washed by their cult-masters.  Not only are they devoid of principles, but they have also become devoid of independent thought.  Those “stupid” comments were not so much stupidity as they were the cult mentality at work.  When people “drink the Kool-Aid,” 3 they do (and say) “stupid” things – things that they would ordinarily have the good sense not to.  And the Gerties (and their swampland cousins) have been “drinking the Kool-Aid” for quite some time – not the cyanide-laced, physically lethal stuff, of course, but the “BS”-laced, spiritually lethal stuff: Dannie’s “S&S” (syrup and sanctimony), his “boys-will-be-boys” hypocrisy (that passes for “morality”), his elaborate pageantry (that passes for “Catholicism”), Tony’s depraved nonsense about Schiavo (that passes for “moral theology” – along with his other mistake-riddled rubbish that passes for “scholarship”), etc.

At both SGG and MHT – the people have been “dumbed down” by the cult-masters’ “Kool-Aid” to the point where they have no cognitive will left of their own.  They’re “almost beyond repair,” so to speak, suffering from “terminal stupidity.”   Can their “stupid” be fixed?  We certainly hope so.  But, whether they “learn” or not, as long as others learn -- that’s what really counts.  They – not these disillusioned poor wretches at the cult centers – are our real audience.  If we can prevent them from falling victim to the cult-masters, then we have done our job.4


1 The commenter’s “point,” by the way, was wrong on three counts: first (as we mentioned), the original point of the discussion was not about what kind of safe (or safes) that Big Don had, but that – whether he had them in safes or not – Big Don had plenty of “goodies” to supply Melbourne – so why ask for “donations”?  Secondly, the commenter – in switching the discussion from the “glass case” to “two large safes” -- was talking about the wrong safe(s).  And thirdly (and perhaps most importantly), the posed question (We do not know what is in the safe, do we?) is really irrelevant: the very fact that one has a safe presupposes that there are VALUABLES inside, doesn’t it?  (So, what did this idiot think that Big Don was keeping inside those safes – his false teeth?)

Actually, Big Don’s hoard of ecclesiastical valuables is quite large – even larger than what it’s “rumored” to be.  The Donster accumulated most of it “back in the good old days,” when the Selway cash was flowing freely (just as Dannie accumulated his, when the Brueggemann money was flowing freely).  Although times are now “tougher,” Big Don still has a HUGE hoard of goodies -- one from which he could easily outfit the Melbourne operation – and have plenty left over.  But, of course, the avaricious (and selfish) Donster wants to keep his hoard for himself.  He’s all for “giving,” when somebody else is doing the giving.

2 What makes this taunt so ridiculous is that it was not “the Reader” who reported about the safes full of ecclesiastical goodies, but one of the other commenters.   So, it was not “the Reader” who was (allegedly) spreading “hate,” but (again) one (or more) of the other commenters.  All that “the Reader” was doing here was trying to provide explanations and clarification (in answer to this commenter’s misinformation and willful misconstruing of facts).

3 This, of course, is a reference to Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple Agricultural Project (or Jonestown, as it’s better known) – a cult (in Guyana) where he convinced his followers to commit mass suicide by drinking cyanide-laced “Kool-Aid” (an imitation fruit-flavored drink made from a packet of fruit-flavored powder, sugar, and water).  Jones bade them to drink it, and they robotically obeyed.  Over 900 of them died, including Jones himself.

4 That is not to say that we have “given up” on the Gerties (or even on Dannie, Tony, and Big Don).  We certainly hope that they someday “learn.”  It’s just that we’re not “holding our breath” for that to happen!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Editor’s Note:  At the request of our readers, we too at Lay Pulpit have taken Pistrina Liturgica’s lead, and are now moderating our readers’ comments. This will spare them wasting their time putting up with some of the repetitive, “off-color” ranting we’ve been getting from a few “crazies” of late.  We wish to repeat Pistrina’s words – that we will tolerate negative comments, as long as they meet reasonable standards of decorum and decency.  Also like Pistrina, we will be monitoring our blog several times a day (as we always do) to make sure that comments are posted punctually.   

In his latest fit of turbo-charged megalomania (and vanity), Big Don Sanborn has created what he calls his “Roman Catholic Institute” – and has, of course, installed himself as its “Superior General.”  The Donster, not content with lording it over his ever-shrinking band of groveling swampland toadies, is now seeking recruits outside the cult-center walls for his new “Institute.”  Fortunately, most folks will see through this subterfuge, and write this off as just the latest in a long line of hare-brained schemes concocted by this deranged despot – but some will actually take him seriously – perhaps because they’re “afraid” to do otherwise.

And that’s what Big Don is all about: fear and intimidation -- his two “pillars of fate.”  He’s a bully.  (Others, to be sure, employ such tactics as well: Dannie, for instance -- albeit in a more subtle, “guilt-tripping” way.)  But, for good old-fashioned, "dyed-in-the-wool" BULLYING, Big Don takes the prize.  No one even comes close to him.  He is Tradistan’s undisputed “High Priest of Humbug”; and, over the years, he has carefully fine-tuned his skullduggery, bullying his way to the top, until he’s got most of the swampland servile shivering in their boots.  But what is it, one may ask, that strikes such fear into people there that they robotically submit -- in almost trance-like obedience -- to this Svengali?  What is it?  Simple: it’s a CULT (as if you didn’t know!).  It’s Jonestown without the Kool-Aid.1

There are a multitude of supposed “reasons” for their fear, perhaps the biggest being that they’re afraid that “there’s no place else on earth” where they can go to find “salvation” (or “the sacraments”).  But there’s also the fear of “losing their friends” (because some have been “shunned” by their cult-center “friends,” similar to what the Amish do).  Well, regarding that first “fear” (“no salvation outside the cult center”), that is pure BALDERDASH.  Actually, the opposite is true: all too often, there is no salvation inside the cult center – only disillusionment and despair.  And, as they have proved over and over again by their actions, these men are not Catholic, nor do they have anyone’s spiritual welfare in mind.  They’re interested only in themselves and their own material gain (at the expense of others, of course).

And as for that second “fear” -- “what will our ‘friends’ say” -- we must ask, “what friends?”  Anyone who shuns someone for leaving the cult is not a “friend,” but a Pharisee.  To do such a thing is not only uncharitable and un-Christian; it is downright childish.  “Friends” like that are not worth having; they are like the Pharisee who, rejoicing that he was “not like other men,” shunned the publican (or the Samaritan).  The thing to do when this happens is, as St. Paul once said, to “dust off your sandals and move on.”  Find NEW friends.  (After all, that’s what you did when you joined the cult, didn’t you?)  And, guess what?  Your world will not come to an end – and you will actually feel better for having broken free of those “friends.”

Much of this “fear” stems, too, from the notion that the cult-masters still have some kind of “credibility” or “power” left.  THEY DON’T.  By their own words and actions, they have destroyed their reputations, and have forfeited any right to any “respect.”  And, although people in the cults may still be fooled (or intimidated) into thinking that they have that credibility, NO ONE else does.  Nobody in TradWorld (or anywhere else) takes these clowns seriously anymore.  Most trad clergy now realize that Tony’s error-filled defense of one-handed ordination, for instance, is garbage (along with the other examples of his “scholarship” – such as Schiavo -- that are just more of the same humbug).  And they also know that the 2009 school scandals have exposed the cult-masters’ “morality” as bankrupt.  So why are many of those trad clergy still showing these dirt-bags deference – especially when they know the cult-masters’ “track record”?  Why are they not speaking out against these worms?

Is it “Roman Collar Club Syndrome”?  Are they not saying anything because it would be “bad” or “scandalous” for “traditional Cathoilcism”?  Or is it "fear of retribution” from these sleaze bags?  To answer that first fear (the “scandal” that “opening one’s mouth” might cause), one must realize that it is the covering up of wrongdoing (for “appearance’s sake”) – not the exposing of it – that is scandalous.  Covering up the truth has NEVER furthered the cause of good.  On the contrary: it has hindered it – sometimes irreparably.  It only “keeps the sore festering” until such time that the inevitable truth comes out – making that “cover up” all the more embarrassing and harmful.  As “men of the cloth” who are supposed to be “experts” on morality, trad clergy should know this – but all too often, they show themselves to be the “fallible mortals” that many trads mistakenly think them not to be.

And the other fear – the fear of “retribution” -- WHAT retribution?!  These humbugs have no “power” anymore!  They are “paper tigers” who have long since lost any “influence” or “leverage” that they might have once had (if, indeed, they ever had any to begin with).  They are, in fact, now the laughing stock of TradWorld.  And – to repeat – being bullies, they are cowards.  If one stands up to them, they will cower down, like the poltroons they are.  The plain truth is, they can do absolutely nothing to you – so why be “afraid” of them?  And, more importantly, why protect them?

You are not furthering the cause of “traditional Catholicism” by remaining silent.  On the contrary: you are helping to destroy it.  Acquiescence only furthers the cause of the cult-masters – and it not only enables them, but it is makes you their accomplices.  For the most part, it has been we lay people who have (so far) taken the lead in standing up to these predators.  Now it is time for clergy to join in. After all, standing up for truth and justice is - as they say -- “everyone's business.”

Clergymen oftentimes exhort us laymen to “do our part” (and admonish us that “if you don’t, God will judge you”).  (And that’s perfectly okay, because such exhortations are usually legitimate – unlike the cheap “guilt-tripping” that Dannie habitually employs.)  Well, now “the shoe is on the other foot”: clergymen, do your job.  “Do your part” to help put these predators out of business.   Some of you, of course, have “done your job.”  But now it’s time for all to get involved.  Collectively, all of you can “put them out of business.”  Remember, God can judge you too – and, remember too, He holds you to a higher standard. 2

We as laymen will continue to do “our part.”  But the help of the clergy is essential to properly “finish the job” – especially in convincing those poor disillusioned souls at the cult centers (many of whom believe “only what a priest says”).  As clergymen – if you are really interested in furthering the cause of “traditional Catholicism” (vs. “not getting involved,” as so many did on Schiavo) -- you must “do your part.”  And, as clergymen, your duty to do so is even greater. 

There is really nothing to stop you – only “inertia” and/or perhaps some unnamed “fear.”  But, again, there really isn’t anything to fear.   So don’t be “afraid of the big bad wolf.”  “The wolf” is certainly bad, but he’s no longer “big.”  “His “teeth,” so to speak, “have been pulled.”  The cult-masters are certainly no longer a threat to anyone (except perhaps to themselves).  So, don’t be an enabler of these predators.  Don’t be an accomplice.  The souls of many (including your own) may depend upon it.


1 One wonders how (otherwise) “normal, intelligent people” (some even college-educated professionals) could allow themselves to be controlled in such a way.  What possesses them to surrender their wills to such a carnival con man as the Flushing Rat (or the “Detroit Door Mouse”)?  And what motivates them (especially older women) to bankroll these thieves during one’s lifetime, and even to forsake their own families – their own would-be heirs -- and sign over all their assets and bequeath their entire estates to these thieves?

As many have written to us and reported, every facet of life at the swampland cult center is dictated, detailed, and choreographed down to the nth degree – from whom one may have as “friends,” to what kind of clothes one may wear (both at and away from the cult center) – even to one’s conduct -- what one may say and do -- in one’s own home); and, of course, TV sets are forbidden in cult homes (unless it’s one of the “elite” families). 

2 Again, this is not to imply that some have not done so.  Many, indeed, have spoken out against people like Dolan, Cekada, and Sanborn.  But there are many who haven’t – many who “have the goods” on them, but who, out of some false sense of “propriety” or desire “not to get involved” – do nothing.  It is these latter to whom our exhortations are directed.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

SGG’s “School”: Still a Bad Bargain

Dannie Dolan’s May 21 Bishop’s(?) Corner was the usual mix of wall-to-wall sanctimony, coupled with his never-ending pleas for more money (ncluding a heavy-handed hint to “remember us in your will”).1  (The only “saving grace” was that there wasn’t any of his tasteless banter about baby bunnies being shredded by his feral felines.)  But, sandwiched in between the aforementioned claptrap – since it is now “graduation time” -- was a “plug” for SGG’s “school,” after which he lamented, “We only wish more parents would take advantage of the excellent education we offer.”  But why the lament?  Well, it’s pretty obvious why: the enrollment at SGG’s “school” is even lower than last year’s pathetic total.  (Last year there were about two-dozen kids there; this year, there were nineteen.)

But an even more “telling statistic” is that -- buried somewhere else in that same SGG bulletin, safely out of sight of Dannie’s ’Corner -- there was an announcement about four of SGG’s “graduates.”  And what was so “telling” about it?  The four listed “graduates” graduated not from SGG’s “school,” but from “Christian” academiesthat’s what!  Yes, they graduated from Protestant schools!  Here, at SGG, whose “school” was created so that the Gerties’ kids could get a “Catholic education” – and whose whole raison d'être is to keep them from (“committing the mortal sin of”) attending a “public” or “Protestant” school – these kids are being sent to a Protestant academy.  Does that tell you something?”

Of course, Dannie could not mention this “in the same breath” with his glowing words about his “school,” because that would make it too embarrassingly obvious: that parents would rather risk sending their children to a Protestant school than send them to Dannie’s sewer.  Knowing full well that they ran the risk of those kids “absorbing Protestant values and beliefs,” they still sent them there, instead of sending them to SGG for a “catholic” education (not to be confused, by the way, with a Catholic education).  Again, “does that tell you something?”

Now Dannie did mention (in a subsequent bulletin) that there were actually three graduates from SGG’s “school” this year – but two of the three were Lotarskis (i.e., the children of the “school principal).” 2  In fact, other than “Lotarski” graduates, the number of graduates in the “school’s” twenty-odd year existence can probably be "counted on one hand.”  Yet Dannie still extols its “virtues.”  And of all the “graduates,” how many have gone on to distinguish themselves academically?  (Hint: the answer begins with a “z,” and rhymes with “hero.”)  “But,” one of Dannie’s trolls might counter, “What about the spiritual life?  What about getting a ‘Catholic’ education?”  Well, the answer to that one (again) is ZERO. As a “for instance,” how many “priests” has SGG produced?  (So far, again, none.)

Those parents who sent their kids to those Protestant academies know this; that’s why they sent them there.  They know full well that the best “career” that an SGG “grad” can aspire to is “supermarket stock-boy.”  These folks want their kids to “be something,” so that they can compete successfully in today’s world – and they know that SGG’s “school” won’t even come close to preparing them for a good career. 3   And the fact that they will even risk sending their kids to a Protestant academy “speaks volumes.” 4

But if they think that they can “insulate” their kids against absorbing the “spiritual” side of that Protestant education, they’d better think again.  And the reason is simple: those “Protestant values” to which those kids are exposed, besides being genuine, are consistent – not like the selectively enforced double-standard claptrap that gets dished out at the cult centers every day.  And, although Protestants preach “fides sola” (i.e., that “faith alone,” not “good works,” are necessary for salvation), in practice, they are “functionally Catholic.”  In practice, these people realize that people must adhere to moral standards – and they do.  These people, for the most part, live by Catholic moral standards; and, more importantly, we reiterate that they apply them consistently.  

In double-standard Tradistan, on the other hand, whatever “moral standards” that there are (and there aren’t many) are – to reiterate -- selectively enforced.  That being the case, these kids are not stupid: they’ll “pick up” on that (just as many of SGG’s kids already have in the past); and when they do, chances are that they’ll opt for moral consistency, not for the letter-of-the-law dogmatism wrapped in hypocrisy (that Dannie passes off as “Catholicism”).  Young people in their “formative” years are “sponges”; and they absorb, both consciously and unconsciously, that to which they are exposed.  So, their parents had better not be surprised if their kids come home one day as “evangelicals.”  Given what goes on at those schools vs. what passes for “Catholicism” at places like SGG or MHT, such an outcome is almost inevitable.

The other thing that one must stop to consider is how these Protestant academies “market’ themselves: they welcome people with open arms, and they make them feel “wanted.”  In Tradistan – both in its “churches” and its “schools” – newcomers are treated with suspicion -- like incoming inductees at a boot camp for lepers.  And many newcomers showing up for the first time are unceremoniously turned away at the door for wearing “inappropriate attire” (as if they were supposed to have some foreknowledge of the cult center’s “dress code”).  (Some are even physically “man-handled” by “ushers” as they “escort” them out the door.)  And in some cases (at MHT, for instance), newcomers are even met with open hostility.  What an advertisement for Tradistan, huh? 5

So, between the superior “marketing skills” and the vastly superior academics of these Protestant academies, Dannie and Tony (and “the principal”) should have much to worry about.  The fact that “dyed-in-the-wool” traddies are sending their kids to Protestant schools, despite of all the associated “risks,” should make people start to wonder why those parents are not “taking advantage of the excellent education we offer [at SGG].”  After all, if SGG’s “education” is so “excellent,” then why did those parents send their kids, not just to “another school,” but to a Protestant school?”  To reiterate, wasn’t the whole idea of SGG’s “school” to give kids a “Catholic education” – to keep them from “committing the mortal sin” of attending a public (or, “God forbid,” a Protestant) school?  If so, then why are those loyal SGG “Catholics” sending their kids to a Protestant academy?  Once again, the obvious answer: SGG’s academics are abysmal.  

But it’s not just about “academics,” because they’ll also start noticing that, in addition to superior academics, those Protestant academies are teaching their kids real moral standards – which, again, their kids will let their parents know. And those kids will let other kids know: they’ll no doubt start “networking” with their young SGG counterparts, letting them know that, instead of the cult center’s selectively enforced double standards, they’re getting real (and universally enforced) Catholic morality at these “Protestant” schools.  And, in time, both those children and their parents will come to the sobering revelation that SGG is both an academic and spiritual wasteland.

The fact that this year’s SGG “student body” has shrunk to nineteen students should in itself have been enough to convince them that something is very wrong about SGG’s “school” (and reason enough for parents to keep their kids away from this miserable dump).  But this latest revelation -- that those parents are sending their kids to Protestant schools: this is “the icing on the cake.”  It tells us that these parents, whether they choose to admit it or not, are probably aware of SGG’s shady “morality,” and therefore want their kids going somewhere else to get something better.

Sometime back, we wrote an article entitled SGG’s School: A Bad Bargain (click here).  Well, it’s still a bad bargain.  Our advice, in light of this latest “revelation” about those kids going to Protestant academies, is run, don’t walk, away from SGG’s “school.”  In fact, let’s go one step farther: run, don’t walk, away from SGG itself.  Everything about it is POISON: its “school,” its “clergy” – everything.  The cult masters are counting on you to stay, out of “respect for the cloth” (which is just “human respect wrapped in a Roman collar”).  These men are not Catholic.  They are not good.  Leave them.  Leave the cult.  You’ll be glad you did.


1 Pleas like this are one of Dannie’s staples, as the atrocious turnover rate at the cult center (coupled with the Lotarski millstone around his neck) necessitate the constant begging of money for his “big ticket” expenses (as he puts it).  Dannie is always calling for people to “remember us in your will” – especially older women – because they are the most vulnerable.  For one thing, women (in general) are more emotional than men – and more likely to fall for Dannie’s sugary sanctimony.  And since, statistically, women are more likely to survive their husbands, there are more of these widows for Dannie (and other cult-masters, such as Ramolla) to prey on.  In fact, Rambozo has one bankrolling him right now.  She’s not a widow per se, but her husband is reportedly in poor health (and probably not aware that she’s feeding the Ham Sandwich his hard-earned money).  And when he dies, she’ll probably “sign over” her entire estate to Rammy.

2 The bulletin did mention five other “graduates”; but these were “eighth-graders.”  Normally, when referring to “graduates,” one means graduates from high school or college, not grammar school.  Besides, many of those eighth-grade “graduates” go on to other schools to finish their education.  Dannie listed them as “graduates” (and included them with the high school graduates in the “class picture”) to give the impression (on its web page) that SGG has “a lot of graduates.”

3 Ironically enough, Dannie talked about “A Catholic Education” in his Trinity Sunday sermon, where he implied that teaching a student a trade or skill to be successful in today’s workplace was a “Marxist” notion.  If that’s the case, then the medieval guilds were “Marxist,” as were any “secular” courses (math, science, medicine, astronomy, etc.) taught at the medieval universities to prepare students for professions in those fields.  Dannie seemed to imply that the kids at SGG were getting the “classical academics” that “counted” (including “the sacred liturgy,” as he put it).  Such an education would be at least partly beneficial if that were the case – but it isn’t.  The “academics” at SGG are woefully substandardand Dannie knows it.  And he also knows that’s why those parents chose to send their kids to Protestant schools, where the academics are good.  Dannie knows that SGG’s “school” is a failure, both academically and spiritually; and he also knows that people are starting to wonder why “the principal” is being paid big bucks to run such a dump -- hence his recent desperate attempt (playing the “Catholic education” card) to “justify” it in any way that he can.

4 What also “speaks volumes” is that these parents are most certainly paying big bucks to send their kids to those Protestant academies.  And if SGG’s “school” were “excellent” (as Dannie contends), then it should also be charging “big bucks” for its tuition -- but we bet that it isn’t.  (The families whose kids go there are not “well-to-do,” and can’t afford steep tuition; and “the principal’s” kids, of course, pay nothing.  And who would want to pay big bucks to send their kids to that dump anyway?)  But, even if the SGG “students” were paying steep tuition (which they’re not), nineteen students is not enough to cover the Lotarski family’s “salary” (one of those “big ticket expenses” that Dannie mentioned in his ’Corner, and which, of course, is nothing more than “hush money” that he’s paying “the principal” to keep his mouth shut).  (“The principal” has boasted – more that once – that “they can’t fire me; I know too much.”  So, we wonder, is that why “the principal” survived the 2009 “school debacle”?)

5 Whatever one’s opinion of Protestantism, one must admire their “marketing” skills.  That is one of the reasons why, within barely a generation, Protestantism in “Catholic” Latin America has grown form virtually nothing to over 25% of the population – and their percentage of “quality” people – the upper middle classes – is even higher.  Demographically, Catholicism in “Catholic” Latin America is dying: Protestantism is the fastest-growing religious segment in Latin America.

True, in Latin America, the traditional Faith is still strong among many – both rich and poor.  There is, in fact, a well-grounded traditional movement there.  But the difference between there and the U.S. is that the Latino clergy are much more intelligent and much better formed than the gringo “clergy” – and, unlike the cult-masters, they’re not so worldly and self-seeking.  If there is hope for “traditional Catholicism,” it is much more likely to be “south of the border,” not here in the U.S. – and certainly not in Dannie’s or Big Don’s dumpster bin.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Dannie’s “YAG”: Who’s He Trying to Kid?

In his latest clumsy attempt at “social engineering,” Dannie Dolan has decided to sponsor a “YAG” (“Young Adults Get-together” -- for “sedes” only, of course) at the SGG cult center.  Deacon Dan expects people to fly in from all over the country to attend this weekend “event.”  Can you imagine spending several hundred dollars jet-setting into Cincy (plus, spending a few hundred more for your lodging, and other things not covered in the $50 “”registration fee”) to go bowling? 

Ah, but wait – there’s more!  Bowling is just the “grand finale” of this fun-filled extravaganza!  On day 2 of this event, there’ll be “dinner in the social hall, followed by a bonfire (weather permitting), indoor/outdoor games, archery, music, and possibly a square dance” (not to mention, an “ice cream avalanche”).1  Wow, boys and girls!  Does it get any better than that?!  We wonder, though, who or what will be the “target” for the “archery.”  Bergoglio?  SSPX, FSSP, or SSPV clergy?  Any other “non-sede” clergy?  And what kind of “indoor/outdoor games” will there be?  Perhaps a “fencing” demo by the Lotarski boys)?  Fill us in, Dannie; we’re dying to know!  

And, of course, sandwiched in between all this “fun,” will be several “Masses,” a Benediction (with “confessions offered before”), and a “short talk” (aka, brain-washing session).  So, as Dannie said, “OK, young sedes – it’s time to come and meet your peers!” and “Don’t be shy and check your phone at the door!”  (Why must they “check their phones at the door,” Dannie?  Are you afraid that they’ll call 911 when they find out what SGG is really all about?)

And then there’s Dannie’s solicitation for his “event”:  Are you feeling isolated?  Are you the only one your age at your Mass center?  Do you long to meet and socialize with other Traditional Catholics who won’t think you’re a relic from the Middle Ages who has somehow time-traveled to the twenty-first century?”  Never mind that Dannie’s invitation reads like a solicitation found buried in the back of a sleazy pulp magazine (or on a website for pedophiles).  Never mind that it sounds like the sort of appeal that one would make to an introverted social misfit (or a deranged sociopath).  Never mind that the entertainment offered is cornier than a grain silo in Nebraska.  Never mind that it was utterly presumptuous of this ego-maniac leprechaun to expect people to fly in from the far-flung corners of the country to come to his “do.”  Never mind that bowling is something that these prospective visitors probably haven’t done in decades (if they’ve ever done it at all).  And never mind that people will think that anyone who comes to Dannie’s “do” is “a relic from the Middle Ages who has somehow time-traveled to the twenty-first century.”  The point is, it’s good, clean fun, right?

Well, let’s rewrite Dannie’s “invite” – only this time, a little more “descriptively”:

Hi, boys and girls!  Tired of that “same old same old”?  Wanna have some real fun?  Well, come to the cult center!  Dannie’s having a “do”!  First, the ‘principal’s’ sons will treat you to some porn, followed by some animal torture flicks!  (Perhaps Puccini or Caravaggio will be starring in one of them – “tearin’ holy hell” outta some baby bunny!)  And you girls: perhaps one of you would like to be “put in a family way” by one of those same sons – no extra charge!

And you sadists in the crowd: stop by the SGG “school” booth, and see the principal reducing a six-year-old to tears, by chewing him out in front of the class (for buying the ‘wrong’ school supplies).  Or -- better still -- witness the “principal” beating a boy with a wooden paddle (for missing his homework assignment).  Is that fun, or what?!!

And for just plain, good old-fashioned mischief, stop by and see one of the principal’s boys (again) threatening his fellow students, -- or even threatening a school teacher (in front of a classroom full of pre-teen kids) – all the while, dropping “F-bombs” in front of that class.

And – oh yeah – stop by the “mortal-sin-of-the-day” booth, where one of our “creative clergy” will invent a new mortal sin for you.  (Two of our “favorites” are riding roller coasters, and wearing “sport” headbands in church.)  But remember, boys and girls: watching porn and animal torture flicks are NOT mortal sins; they’re just “boys will be boys.”

Well, “enough already”: you get the picture.  But one might protest: was our “rewrite” a fairy tale?  Malicious poppycock?  Sadly, NO it wasn’t.  All of this (with the exception of Caravaggio’s “starring role”) really happened – and this is just a sampling of what goes on at the cult center.  The “shepherds” who run SGG (and MHT) would have us believe that they are all about “good clean fun.”  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  The history of SGG has been one long, sordid saga, of which the foregoing was just a sampling.  So, Dannie’s “invite” to this “good clean fun” is just like his “catholicism” -- all for show.  Behind that “wholesome” façade -- as they have proved over and over again – is a spiritual wasteland that is morally bankrupt.2

The truth is, if those “invitees” decide to relocate and stay at SGG, they’ll find out what “the younger set” there has already found out (and has become correspondingly disillusioned by, resulting in most of them having left SGG -- but, unfortunately, not without “collateral damage”).  Many have been left emotionally scarred by SGG’s “catholicism.”  Their disillusionment has in turn made them cynical, many losing the Faith altogether.  But in several cases, it’s even worse: some have degenerated morally and psychologically: family split-ups, juvenile drug use, anorexia, girls having children out of wedlock (or becoming “lesbian” or “transgender”) – and in one case, even incest.  So, if you’re looking for “wholesome,” look elsewhere.  (And “elsewhere” does not include MHT.  According to several comments that both Pistrina and we have received, Brooksville is a hotbed of “unwholesome behavior” – especially amongst the “elite.”)

Can all of this be “laid at SGG’s door”?  Well, perhaps not all – but much of it can.  Actually, SGG has a disproportionately large number of dysfunctional families (as does MHT).  Many are estranged from friends and relatives, because they have been instructed as such by the cult-masters.  (“Non-cult” friendships are discouraged at SGG, and forbidden at MHT.) 3   If anyone at SGG has “turned out well,” it’s not because of the cult-masters, but in spite of them.  The atmosphere at SGG has never been one of wholesomeness, but of fear, double-standard behavior, and hypocrisy – where the “morality” of something is determined not by what is done, but by whom it is done.  If a cult-master (or one of their “elite”) does it, it’s okay.  If anyone else does it, it’s not. 

So, young people, if you are really Catholic and believe in real Catholic morality – that is, if you think that watching porn and animal-torture videos is not “boys will be boys” but is in fact SINFUL, and if you think that fornication (and getting a girl pregnant out-of-wedlock) is also sinful, then we respectfully submit that SGG may not be your “cup of tea” – and certainly not a  “moral oasis” -- and we therefore urgently implore you to decline Dannie’s invitation to his “YAG.”  Instead, we urge you to GAG at the very thought of doing so.  Dannie is in desperate need of “new blood” (to contaminate); and he would just love to see you waste hundreds of dollars to come to his “get-together,” in the hope that you’ll relocate to his cult center to help prop up both its dwindling population and its dwindling finances.  So, do yourself (both your soul and your wallet) a big favor: STAY AWAY.  You’ll be glad you did.

1 Even if Dannie’s “get-together” was totally innocuous, why bowling?  Who bowls anymore – especially in the summertime?  Nobody. (Nowadays, bowling alleys are closing up faster than Pork BBQ stands in Tel Aviv.)  And how presumptuous of Dannie to expect that these folks would be jumping at the chance to travel hundreds of miles to go bowling, as if SGG were the entertainment capital of Traddieland – and  as if it were Traddsieland’s “moral epicenter.”   

Then there’s the dinner at The Golden Corral (a local budget buffet that serves up blue-collar steam-table stuff – and a favorite haunt of the morbidly obese).  Are you going to join them, Dannie?  (After all, you’re a “copious quantities” kind of guy yourself!)  Or, while they are there having their peasant fare, will you be chowing down at La Petite France or The Grand Finale (two of your favorite haunts before “hard times” set in)?  And, is their meal included as part of “the package,” or will they have to pay for it themselves?

2 We have written often about SGG’s moral bankruptcy, so we will not catalogue it all again here.  Suffice it to say that the “sampling” to which we just referred was just that: a sampling – the “tip of a much bigger iceberg.”  We’d also like to point out that, in addition to there being no real Catholic morality taught in its “school” (except arbitrary, Draconian “rules”), the “school” is an academic sewer.  Most parents there realize this, and hence do not send their kids there.  A recent SGG bulletin (far right column, under “Congratulations, Graduates” heading) touted four SGG “graduates” – but they didn’t graduate from SGG’s “school.”  Instead, they graduated from Protestant academies in the area.  It seems rather “significant” that parents would risk sending their children to a Protestant school rather than to SGG’s “school.”  (More on this in our next article.)

3 It’s ironic how (especially every Guardian Angel Sunday) Dannie waxes poetic about “protecting our innocent children,” when he in fact presided over the 2009 reign of terror at SGG’s school -- and how he wrote off blatant immorality as “boys will be boys” (that resulted in half the congregation leaving).  Is it any wonder that the number of “broken families” and the “turnover rate” at both SGG and MHT has been disproportionately large?