Saturday, June 23, 2018

London Bridge is Falling Down…

Editor’s Note:  In today’s article -- our next-to-last before “signing off” -- we thought it a good idea to recap the problems that SGG has had (and continues to have) with its “new” facility’s prematurely crumbling infrastructure.  The new facility was supposed to address all of the concerns that SGG had with its old one.  It did not.  Instead, it has brought new problems of its own – problems that are popping up with disturbing regularity.  Here is our article…

The average life of a house roof these days (with standard asphalt shingles) is about twenty-five years, give or take. And, unless it suffers unusually severe wind damage or whatever, it lasts that long without encountering any leaks. But not so with the SGG cult center: its roof life seems to be measured in months, not years.  The roof at the cult center’s “new” West Chester facility, not yet fifteen years old, has been springing leaks almost since the day the cult center was built.  And, as we’ve reported several times, there are two reasons for this: first, the roof is horizontally flat (vs. “pitched”) because Tony Cekada – overruling SGG’s architect on this -- wanted it that way (because this made the place look more “medieval”; and, second, it leaks because it’s shoddily built

Actually, the whole facility, from the ground up, is shoddily built.  The roof itself has sprung so many leaks that Dannie has felt compelled to promise his Gerties a “leak report” (as if roof leaks were an expectedregularly occurring sort of thing).  And the rest of the cult center is not faring much better, either.  In previous articles (click here and here), we reported how poorly constructed the cult center is (and also how unnecessary the building of this new facility was).2  Dannie’s “sermon in stone” (as he still refers to it), for instance, is actually stone veneer (from China) that is hung on (with “pins”) – an arrangement that not only provides no structural support to the building, but actually detracts from it structurally.

The result of all this shoddy workmanship has been one problem after another: a roof that’s had a half dozen or so leaks (and as many unsuccessful attempts at repairing it), several (prematurely) failing HVAC units, several electrical problems, repeated infestations of vermin (including raccoons and mice), and a parking lot that needs re-paving (and new lights).  Even the goldfish-stocked “grotto” -- another useless frill -- has had to be repaired.  Hardly a week goes by without Dannie mentioning the need for something to be fixed – and hinting (or downright asking) for his Gerties to pay for it.

And the reason that Dannie must continually beg for money is simple: he and Tony have never “put any acorns away for the winter.”  (They thought the “good times” of the Brueggemann “gravy train” era would last forever – but they didn’t.)  These problems that SGG is now facing should have been anticipated– and money set asidefor them.  But, because Dannie and Tony have blown SGG’s “acorns” on vacation travel junkets and their other creature comforts, there’s no money left in the kitty to pay for needed replacements – or even for routine maintenance.  And now Dannie is trying to pass these expenses off as unforeseen “extras,” as it were.

What makes all of this so ironic is that the “new” cult center needed never to have been built in the first place. The old facility (in Sharonville, Ohio) was much better constructed than SGG’s (now crumbling) “new” facility (and, in fact, will probably still be standing long after the “new” SGG is a pile of rubble).  And, although not quite so big as the new facility, it had ample space for SGG’s congregation.  It also had a large basement (which the new facility hasn’t) that could be used as a “cry room” for mothers with babies – and one that, unlike the new facility’s vestibule “cry room,” was air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter.  Plus, best of all, the Sharonville facility was completely paid for

Now some people might argue that the old facility was crowded – especially when it came to the school (located in its basement) and “storage.”  But SGG’s supposed need for “extra space” -- for its school and for “storage” -- could easily have been met by buying the building next door -- an “Odd Fellows Hall” – which was not only available, but could have been bought “for a song.” (That Odd Fellows Hall also had plenty of parking space – another one of the “reasons” given for moving.)   There was absolutely no need for the new facility.1

And, speaking of the new facility, the Brueggemann family (who comprised by far the biggest contingent of SGG’s congregation – and most of its revenue) offered free land in northern Kentucky (where most of the Brueggemann’s lived) on which to build it.  But Dannie wanted it built north of Cincinnati, because he claimed that it was SGG’s “demographic epicenter.”  (It wasn’t. Northern Kentucky, with its large Brueggemann contingent, was its true epicenter.)  But Dannie wanted the new facility built in West Chester -- because was closer to the restaurants that he and Tony frequented.  (The old facility, by the way, was just as close to those restaurants – perhaps closer.)  

The land on which the new facility sits, by the way, was actually more suited for commercial use.  Donated by a previous SGG benefactor, the lot adjoins an industrial park.  And that being so, it was commercially valuable.  In fact, it could have been reportedly been sold for a half-million dollars or more – more than enough to buy that Odd Fellows building, with plenty of money left over.  But Dannie wanted his “sermon in stone,” because (he thought) it would look more “impressive” – which it really doesn’t.2  

Another irony about the new facility is that one of the biggest reasons for its being built was the “school.”  Dannie’s “great endeavor” was built to accommodate a large number of students; and in anticipation of that, “the principal” was sent for to run it (along with his large family).  But the school never “blossomed” – especially after the principal’s aberrant behavior became embarrassingly apparent. Enrollment, never robust to begin with, continues to dwindle to this day.  The school, built to accommodate as many as two hundred students, now serves little more than a dozen. That must be the bitterest of ironies for Dannie: the school has never come to fruition – yet he is forever after saddled with the cost of paying for it.  (It’s like having to perpetually make payments on a car, but not being able to drive it!) 3

Dannie’s SGG, like that London Bridgeof nursery rhyme fame, is indeed falling down.  It’s a Hollywood stage set, built for “the show” – Dannie’sshow.  Dannie and Tony probably figured that it wouldn’t last for the long haul, but long enough to get them into retirement.  But even that is now in jeopardy: the repair bills are beginning to mount up.  And as SGG’s Hollywood stage set continues to crumble, the more the costs to patch it up it will continue to climb – eventually reaching a point where they will become unsustainable.4  (The only future that we see for it – when it eventually falls into ruins – is as a wildlife refuge for raccoons, or possibly an archeological dig site for baby bunny bones.)   

As time inexorably marches on, this will only get worse; and the Gerties will be asked to throw even more good money after bad (as they are already doing).  So, Gerties, before Dannie’s dump becomes a complete pile of rubble (and its rotting infrastructure gets reclaimed by raccoons, rodents, and other assorted critters), we suggest that you get out while you still can.  Or -- better still -- get out now.

Another reason for building the new facility was that it would be more “energy efficient.”  But that certainly doesn’t seem to be the case, because Dannie is always whining about “high heating bills.”  The new facility, for one thing, does not have gasservice; and therefore, for all its energy needs, it must rely on electricity (which is substantially more expensive).  So, the difference in energy cost between the old and new facility is probably negligible.   (Another thing: the reason why SGG’s HVAC units are prematurely failing is that they are heat pumps, which don’t last as long as conventional heating devices.)

On its website, the panoramic view of SGG’s facility does look “impressive.”  But, for one thing, the picture is “turned” about 45* on its side, to make it look like a large, campus-like complex in a pastoral setting.  The truth is, it’s right next door to an industrial park (its “school” – on the right side of the picture – is about 50 feet away from a corrugated-metal factory building). (Click here to see this on “Google Earth.”)  And the “structure” on the picture’s left side -- a “cloister walkway” – is actually a walkway to nowhere.  

The walkway was originally intended to connect to a large Gothic-style church (Dannie’s “sermon in stone”).  But the church never materialized.  (The Gerties, even as gullible as they were back then, wouldn’t “spring” for that boondoggle -- so Dannie had to settle for using the school’s (intended) gymnasium as a “church.”)   What the picture also doesn’t reflect is SGG’s leaking roof, its deteriorating parking lot, its raccoon-infested “church,”and a host of other problems with its prematurely failing physical facility.  

It is widely known that Dannie cannot get rid of “the principal.”  He’s stuck with him, whether he likes it or not – even though all of the latter’s kids are now “graduated.”  (The school, by the way, has had more Lotarski graduates than all its other graduates combined.)  Most of the “school’s” rooms, by the way, are not used for “teaching,” but as repositories for Dannie’s and Tony’s junk: their horde of “ecclesiastical goodies” that they’ve accumulated over the years.  It seems that its only real value has been as a warehouse, not an educational institution.  (For more on the school, click here and here.)

During this past Winter's arctic cold spell, Dannie happened to mention in his January 7 ’CornerHow busy we’ve been!  Oh, our fair share of frozen pipes and catching up from Christmas, but more.” [Our bold emphasis.]  Frozen pipes?  If the facility had been properly built, this should never have happened.  If the piping had been put between interior walls – as it should have been (and which has been common construction practice for the past 50 years or so) –it never would have frozen.  But it was obviously installed in the exterior walls (without proper insulation to boot) – a fatal design flaw.  But that’s been the bane of both SGG and the Brooksville cult center: they’re both shoddily designed -- and shoddily built.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Beating a Dead Horse

Editor’s Note:  Continuing in our “winding down” series of articles, we thought it appropriate to mention once again one of Dannie Dolan’s major failures: SGG’s “school” (and one that he continues to deceptively promote whenever he can).  SGG’s “school” is just one of the many reasons why the SGG cult center is a total sham – and another reason for people to stay away from this cesspool.  Here is our article...

Never since Anthony Cekada’s fictional School Dazedhas such a preposterous bit of nonsense been written about SGG’s “school” as the “Teacher’s Prayer” printed in SGG’s August 27, 2017 bulletin Last year, Pistrina Liturgica wrote an article about it (click here).  And now, we’ve also decided to write one, because we thought it deserved another “shot across the bow.”  (In fact, it cries out to be written about again.) The sheer effrontery and brazenness of it – but most of all, the sheer hypocrisy of it -- simply boggles the mind.  Everything said in that “prayer” is the exact antithesis of what SGG’s “school” is all about.  Dannie’s Teacher’s Prayer, just as was Tony’s School Dazed, is pure fiction.  

What we thought we’d do then – now that SGG’s school year has come to a close – is to follow up with an article of our own about Dannie’s “Teacher’s Prayer.”  And, speaking of Tony’s School Dazed, what we thought we’d also do is to answer Dannie’s nonsense somewhat the same way in which Tony’s was (in School Dazed Revisited (click here), i.e., juxtaposing Dannie’s “pulpit fiction” with “honest fact” – except that we’ve replaced the words “pulpit fiction” with “Dannie’s Day Dream.”1  And, rather than juxtapose his words and ours (i.e., side-by-side), we arranged it with his words first printed in blue, followed afterwards  by our words (printed in black) underneath Ready?  Here goes:

Dannie’s Day Dream: “Make me ever more worthy of the confidence shown me by parents, by entrusting to me what is dearest to them in this world — their children!”  And then this: “…Your mercy, for forgiving and healing; Your wisdom for counseling and directing the young lives entrusted to me.”  

Honest Fact: Actually, when the parents entrusted their children to the “principal,” they didn’t get “mercy” and “wisdom”; they got verbal abuse and physical battering (and cruel humiliation in front of their classmates) – in which many of them were reduced to tears.

Dannie’s Day Dream: “Teach me to treat these souls with the delicacy and infinite patience of Your Holy Spirit.”  

Honest fact:  Patience?  Delicacy?  What kind of “patience” did the “principal” have when he had a boy beaten with a wooden paddle for missing his homework?  (And, for that matter, what kind of “patience” does Dannie have for crying babies who “interrupt” his sermons?)  This “prayer” couldn’t have been any more sadistically mocking, than if it had been written by the Marquis de Sade himself. Dannie and the “principal” must have collaborated on this abomination.

Dannie’s Day Dream: Grant me Your light, the better to read hearts; Your perspicacity for discerning Your work and penetrating Your designs; Your mercy, for forgiving and healing; Your wisdom for counseling and directing the young lives entrusted to me.  

Honest Fact: Well, Dannie, your “perspicacity” doesn’t quite “measure up,” does it? However did you “discern” that watching porn and animal torture videos amounts to “boys will be boys”?  Dannie, you are simply astounding!  How did you ever get to be so erudite and caring?!  Oh Dannie, you’re just “marvy”!

Dannie’s Day Dream: May my actions be Your actions, my hands, Your hands; my lips, Your lips; my life, Your life; so that nothing may touch these children that is not divine, and that I may not impede Your action in their souls.  

Honest Fact: Dannie, here again, your actions don’t quite “measure up.”  And, Dannie, may our actions be light-years away from yours; and may we sincerely hope that “nothing may touch these children” – especially any wooden instrument wielded by the “principal.”  And may our children not be subject to your “boys will be boys” code of morality.  That is, Dannie, may we “impede your action” both on their bodies and on their souls!

Dannie’s Day Dream: Grant me not to deviate in my teaching from the great laws of Your Redemption; never to forget that the one essential is for the Kingdom of Heaven to be preached to every man born into this world, and for it to be transmitted to my students in all its truth and beauty.  And to you, Mary, whom God gave to the Child Jesus as an educator, you to whom men in these recent times have given the beautiful title “Our Lady of the Schools;” obtain for me your docility to the Holy Spirit and your submission to the divine will; so that I may always be able to recognize the Heavenly Father’s plans for each of my pupils, and assist them in finding the place destined for them by your Beloved Son in the great task of the world’s redemption. Amen.

Honest Fact: May your “truth and beauty,” Dannie, never "be transmitted to my students” – or anyone else's students, for that matter!  And Dannie, we thank our lucky stars that “the Heavenly Father’s plans for each of my pupils” don’t match your plans! 

Well, so much for Dannie's "prayer"!  We wonder in open-jawed astonishment that anyone whose school has such a track record as SGG’s could conceivably publish such a forgery But it just proves that, when it comes to sheer audacityarrogance, and hypocrisy, Dannie has no equal.  And the fact that virtually no other school feels the need to go to such drastic lengths to promote itself is proof that Dannie is getting desperate.  But Dannie’s promotional efforts here are an exercise in futility, because nobody is listening to his drivel.  They all know that it really is just a “Day Dream.”  

SGG’s parishioners are painfully aware of how abysmally substandard the school is – and they still haven’t forgotten what happened there in 2009.  And, although they’re too spineless to leave SGG altogether (and give up their “show”), they realize that those same underlying forces of 2009 are still at work.  (That is, the “principal,” at whose hands the students suffered back then, is still there.)2   And SGG’s parents are smart enough to know that their kids will still be in harm’s way at the “school” (both physically and “academically”) -- which is why so many of them home school their kids (or send them elsewhere – even to Protestant schools3).  So, why take the risk?  Only the terminally gullible (or uninformed) could ever trust their kids to SGG’s “school.”  And, consequently, the enrollment there continues to dwindle.  In the 2015-2016 school year, the total enrollment (K through 12) was twenty-five -- and in 2016-2017, it was eighteen (Click here for picture).  We don’t have figures for the current year’s enrollment.  But, whatever it is, the total is paltry, considering that the physical facility was built to hold at least ten times that many. 

The sober truth is, that in promoting SGG’s “school,” Dannie is beating a dead horse – and an expensive one at that.  For the pathetically small number of students enrolled there (and for the even more pathetic “education” obtained there), SGG’s “school” is still the woefully bad bargain it’s always been.  Note, too, that this year, there is no picture of SGG’s “proud graduates” in the Sunday bulletin – because there aren’t any.  (Dannie did mention something on Trinity Sunday (click here) about congratulat[ing] our five home schooling graduates, whose Mass was offered yesterday on Ember Saturday– but nothing about graduates from SGG’s “school” itself)  This is yet one more confirmation that SGG’s “school” is a miserable failure – and one more reason for prospective cult-center clients to stay away.

And even if enrollment were to increase tenfold, the school still wouldn’t be “paying its way” – either financially or academically.  What SGG’s parishioners are in effect doing is subsidizing the Lotarski family for operating a know-nothing establishment (whose only “contribution” is to help drain the parish coffers every year). SGG’s “school” is a cadaver on life support – or rather, a corpse about ready for rigor mortis to set in.  It’s time then for Dannie to admit defeat and pull the plug on the “school.”  But, of course, we all know that this won’t happen, because “the principal” won’t let it happen, will he?

There were actually six installments of School Dazed Revisited, on the “2009 Scandals at SGG” website.  (Click here for website, then scroll down to find the articles.)

The principal’s wife, by whom the school children were also subjected to cruel mistreatment, is also still teaching there at the school.  And, ironically, she and the principal are the only two at the “school” who receive any kind of meaningful financial remuneration for their efforts. The other instructors either teach on a "volunteer" basis, or their compensation is so meager that it barely amounts to being a “subsistence wage” -- Sharon Patton, for instance. She was “paid”: but when she died recently, she didn’t even have enough money in her personal estate to pay for her own burial: it was funded by donations.  (See SGG bulletins here and here.)  (P.S.  We wonder if Dannie “took his cut” from the donations as well.)

Yes, you heard right: among the “SGG” graduates for the 2016-2017 school year, four went to Protestant academies, because their parents realized that they wouldn’t get a good education at SGG’s “school.”  (See SGG’s School: Still a Bad Bargain.)

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Tradistan’s Favorite Commandment: “The Eleventh”

Editor’s Note:  Continuing in our “countdown” series of articles as we “wind down” our blog, we offer the following, reminiscing about how many times the cult-masters (Dannie, Tony, Not-so-big Don, and Pivvy) have been “caught” trying to “cover their tracks” over the years.  Although they do this sort of thing on a regular basis, the following article highlights some of their more “memorable" occurrences in blowing their cover. 

In answer to comments we received on our last article (concerning winding down our blog)), we at Lay Pulpit stated that, among other things, we wanted to “spend more time with our family,” etc.  Now the thought occurred to us that, in the cult-masters” (and their deputized goons’) minds, that sounds as if we are “retiring from the filed of battle.”  Well, not really.  The fact is, we have won our battle: we have conclusively shown (and proved) what kind of imposters the cult-masters really are; and we have successfully convinced the audience that we need to convince.  So, let the cult-masters (and their goons) think what they will; we really don't care what they think.  We've accomplished our task -- and they know that we have.  Therefore, we'll not waste any more of our words on them; they will never budge.

However (as we said in a previous article), there is nothing wrong with repetition; so we have decided -- in the articles that we have remaining -- to summarize some of the things that we've mentioned in previous articles, for one last bit of “reinforcement.”  In the following article, we have consolidated several examples of how these bunglers have, over the years, repeatedly tripped themselves up in their failed efforts to deceive people.  That said, here is our article…

People hate to admit that they’re wrong – especially when they know they’re wrong. And nowhere is this more assuredly so than in Tradistan.  The cult-masters like to pretend that they’re always right (and that everybody else is wrong), so it’s really catastrophic for them when their wrongdoing invariably gets discovered, and they “get caught.”  In fact, that is their “eleventh’ commandment”:  “Thou shalt not get caught.”   How many times, though, has Dannie (or Tony) engaged in such activity, only to be exposed?

Examples abound – the time back in 2011, for instance, when Dannie and Tony once got caught contradicting each other (because they forgot to “compare notes” with each other about what happened in a “bell-ringing” incident back then): or the time (in 2014) when Dannie tried to disrupt the ordaining of a young man at a rival chapel (in Lawrence, Massachusetts) – and got caught.  (Click here for Pistrina’s original article on this, and here for our follow-up.)  And who can forget Big Don’s trying to cover up the fact that he had written a letter in support of Tony’s depraved position on Schiavo (by removing the letter from his website), only to have it re-surface (on our website -- click here  for letter).  And, oh yes, there’s the time the Pivmeister granted permission for one of his parishioners’ daughters to get a heart transplant (because the parishioner was a big donor) – even though it meant removing the heart from a living “donor” before transplanting it.  (That is, it meant having to kill the “donor” first.)  The Pivmeister hoped that this would “fly under the radar.”  Sorry, Marky, but that subterfuge didn’t work either.  That got found out too.

And then there’s Tony’s shameless slandering of the late Abbot Leonard Giardina (after his decease, when the man couldn’t defend himself).  Tony accused him of being mercenary (when in fact it is Tony who is the absolute epitome of that sort of thing).  He and Dannie (and Big Don) have made a career of bad-mouthing others (and “disqualifying” them for a variety of bogus reasons), when these folks were totally innocent (and no threat whatsoever to these lepers).  Dannie even went so far as to pick on the local power company (Duke Energy), blaming them for SGG’s “excessively high heating bills.”  And, in letters to a disgruntled former SGG parishioner (who left in disgust after the 2009 school scandals), both he and Sanborn tried their best to guilt-trip the man into returning – even accusing him of “dishonoring” the memory of his dead wife.  (See also A Tale of Two Letters

This litany could go on and on, but we think that you get the picture.  The real point of our reprising all of this is to point out that not only have Dannie and Tony (and Donny) been doing this for a long time, but that they are so embarrassingly amateurish in how they go about it.  Heretofore, of course, they didn’t have to be “subtle” or “professional” about it: they could get away with anything, because the gullible Gerties would swallow whatever swill they served up – but not anymore.  Now, Dannie and Tony are habitually getting “caught with their pants down” – not only because we’re there to keep an eye on them, but because the Gerties are now noticing too.

Now one would think that Dannie and/or Tony might “wise up” and be a little more “careful” or “subtle” by now.  Oh, they might think they are; but they aren’t.  Dannie’s recent attempts to “pull the wool over the Gerties’ eyes” have all been miserable failures – and downright comical: his “Teacher’s Prayer,” for instance.  In his attempts to cover up the fact that SGG’s “school” is a miserable failure, Dannie manufactured a “Teacher’s Prayer” (at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year) to drum up support for the “school” (and to create the impression that this “Prayer” reflects the “school’s” values and standards).  It did nothing of the sort.  Pistrina sniffed this out for the scam that it was.  (Click here for their article.)  

And, before that, at the end of the previous school year, Dannie also tried to promote the failing “school” by proudly displaying a picture of eight SGG “graduates” in the 2017 Trinity Sunday bulletin (click here).  But we were there to “sniff that out” too (click here for article).  It turns out that five of those eight were "eighth grade“ graduates,” not high school graduates; and of those remaining three, two were Lotarskis (the “principal’s” children) – that is, there was only ONE non-Lotarski graduate.1  Note, too, that Dannie fails to mention that SGG’s school enrollment has been steadily shrinking over the years.

Another “failure” for Dannie is SGG’s crumbling infrastructure.  The cult center – even though barely fifteen years old, is falling apart. The problem is that now, Dannie cannot automatically rely on a rich benefactor coming to his rescue.  In “the good old days” (when the cult center was brand spanking new, and the shoddiness of its workmanship not yet apparent), Dannie could always count on Bernie Brueggemann (his main benefactor) to bail him out. But Bernie is now gone, and the cult center’s shoddiness is showing up everywhere.

But an even bigger problem for Dannie is that his credibility is now gone as well.  At one time, everything that Dannie told his Gertie's was "gospel," and he could demand that they not read “forbidden” websites (such as ours and Pistrina’s) -- and they would obey.  But that prohibition carries no weight anymore.  More and more, Gerties are now reading our websites (or are “getting it by word of mouth”) – and they are finding out that what we say is the truth.  Dannie can no longer dupe and bamboozle them as he used to; and they're now getting wary – and suspicious.

(In his November 12, 2017 ’Corner (click here), Dannie mentioned providing a “leak update” [for the roof] the following week (which, by the way, never came). We wonder what will happen the next time SGG experiences a big downpour – in the middle, say, of one of Dannie’s big extravaganzas.  Will Dannie need his ombrellino to keep dry?  Will he have to issue raincoats to all the servers?  Worse still, if there is a clap of thunder, will one of SGG’s raccoons (or some other critter) get “spooked” and fall out of the rafters?  Dannie might have to press Caravaggio into service to get rid of them!  (Perhaps he could camouflage” Caravaggio in some way, to make him “fit in.”  Can you picture Caravaggio in a surplice and cassock?)

So, as the cult center continues to crumble, Dannie seems to be getting more and more nervous.  Have you noticed how “edgy” he’s getting lately (and how much more guilt-tripping and “poor-mouthing” he’s been doing)?2  That’s because he knows that, as the cult center continues its inevitable decline into dilapidation, his costs are climbing, while revenues are correspondingly shrinking – and that it’ll only get worse as time goes on.  In short, Dannie is in trouble – BIG trouble. 

But will this make Dannie change his modus operandi?  Probably not.  Dannie’s an old dog – and “old dogs” and “new tricks” don’t mix.  And, besides, Dannie just doesn’t know any other way.  So, he’ll just “double down” on using his old bag of tricks: lots of syrup and sanctimony, lots of “sympathy ploys” (“playing the victim,” blaming “the Duke” for “high heating bills,” etc., etc.), lots of “enemy bashing” (Bergoglio, the SSPX, anybody Novus Ordo, Feenyites, etc.)  – and, of course, lots of good old-fashioned guilt-tripping – as much as he can get away with. It’s all he’s got left, and he’ll play it to the hilt. 

But he will fail, because he doesn’t have right on his side.  Anything built on falseness and deception -- like a science built on false hypotheses, or a building on a bad foundation, does not stand up to scrutiny.  Eventually, it gets found out.  And that’s Dannie’s problem: all he has going for him is his “S&S” – Syrup and Sanctimony – and nothing else.  Time and again, this parasitic pus-bag has conclusively demonstrated that he is a creature with no moral compass, who only strives “not to get caught” while doing his malicious mischief.  But that’s the curse of those who try to observe “the eleventh commandment,” while ignoring the other ten: they always do get caught!

1More often than not, there are NO non-Lotarski high school graduates at SGG’s “school.”  In fact, in the school’s entire thirty-odd year history, there have been more Lotarski grads than all the rest put together.  And the Lotarskis, of course, didn’t have to pay any tuition; their education was free.  So, the “school” was, in effect, their own private tutoring service – at the expense of SGG’s parishioners. 

The “principal” and his wife, of course, are paid handsomely for their services, while the other teachers are either paid subsistence wages – or not paid at all.  One recently deceased teacher (Sharon Patton), for instance, couldn’t even afford to pay for her own funeral.  Instead, it was paid, as Dannie stated in his March 4, 2018 ’Corner, by a “go-fund-me” account: Thanks to all of you who helped pay for the funeral, and so quickly, with the Go Fund Me site. We appreciate once again the charity and cooperation of Mueller Funeral Home.”

His whining one Sunday (click here) about there being only one “light bulb” left burning (in SGG’s parking lot) was particularly hokey: “St. Andrew Avellino once miraculously lit the way on a ‘dark and stormy night’ returning from a sick call. There were no street lights back then, but he glowed. So should we. We must ask his assistance for our darkness here, which hit us suddenly last Sunday with the time change. Wegot the one remaining parking lot light functioning this week, but we’re still pretty dark by after the 5:45.” C’mon, Dannie!  Do you really think that people will fall for that line of crap – that you can afford travel to Argentina, but can’t afford a light bulb?