Saturday, April 22, 2017

“Schiavo Alone” is Enough

Lay Pulpit has written several articles dealing with Terri Schiavo’s death by starvation and dehydration – and Anthony Cekada’s disdainfully smug and depraved justification of it.  And in one of our recent articles, we made a comment that this justification alone was reason enough for anyone to reject Dolan and Cekada out-of-hand -- but SGG’s gullible Gerties still cling to these two lepers.  They somehow dismiss or overlook Cekada’s monstrous justification of her murder – perhaps because they can’t do without “the show” that Dannie puts on for them every week.  But it is really hard to imagine that they can be that blind, that insensitive.  One wonders what it would take to open up their eyes. Well, something “linked” in a recent Pistrina article just might (at long last) do that.

The linked article, entitled Judicial Murder (click here), in addition to condemning Terri’s death on moral grounds, cites several legal reasons as well.  For one thing, it notes that Terri Schiavo was denied “due process”; and it also covers some “irregularities” concerning the judge in her case, George Greer.  The article’s author notes the following: “Among many other violations of her due process rights, Terri Schiavo has never been allowed by the primary judge in her case -- Florida Circuit Judge George Greer, whose conclusions have been robotically upheld by all the courts above him -- to have her own lawyer represent her.  He also notes that “the American Civil Liberties Union, which would be passionately criticizing state court decisions and demanding due process if Terri were a convict on death row, has shamefully served as co-counsel for her husband, Michael Schiavo, in his insistent desire to have her die.”

The author continues, “Months ago, in discussing this case with ACLU executive director Anthony Romero, and later reading ACLU statements, I saw no sign that this bastion of the Bill of Rights has ever examined the facts concerning the egregious conflicts of interest of her husband and guardian Michael Schiavo, who has been living with another woman for years, with whom he has two children, and has violated a long list of his legal responsibilities as her guardian, some of them directly preventing her chances for improvement. Judge Greer has ignored all of them. [Our bold emphasis]

He goes on: “In February, Florida's Department of Children and Families presented Judge Greer with a 34-page document listing charges of neglect, abuse, and exploitation of Terri by her husband, with a request for 60 days to fully investigate the charges. Judge Greer, soon to remove Terri's feeding tube for the third time, rejected the 60-day extension. [Again, our bold emphasis]

After noting that “Terri Schiavo has never had an MRI or a PET scan, nor a thorough neurological examination,” the author cited Republican Senate leader Bill Frist (a specialist in heart-lung transplant surgery, and hence thoroughly familiar with the testing required to determine “brain-death”), with the following: “During a speech on the Senate floor on March 17, Frist, speaking of Judge Greer's denial of a request for new testing and examinations of Terri, said reasonably, ‘I would think you would want a complete neurological exam’ before determining she must die.  Frist added: ‘The attorneys for Terri's parents have submitted 33 affidavits from doctors and other medical professionals, all of whom say that Terri should be re-evaluated.’"  All of this, to repeat, was ignored by Judge Greer.

For those interested in reading it, the article goes on to cover much more on the subject, but we will not include it here.  The foregoing should suffice.  The point we’re trying to make here is that all of this information – all made public and readily available during Terri’s long, gruesome death ordeal – was available not only to Judge Greer, but to Anthony Cekada as well.  Phony Tony, too, had access to all of this information – but he too willfully chose to ignore it.  Instead, in his usual ignorant and arrogant way, he came out “shooting from the hip,” proclaiming that Michael Schiavo (Terri’s husband) “had the right before God” to end her life.

Now one may ask, “Okay, so you made a point about the legal aspects of the case.  Is that enough to warrant writing again about Schiavo?”  One might also add that what has already been written heretofore about Schiavo was shocking enough.  (And besides, some of the legal aspects were mentioned too in those previous articles.)  So, why write again?  What makes this latest article so “special” – so much more “significant”?  What makes it “special” is this: it’s author was an ATHEIST.1  Yes, an atheist.  So, how is it that an atheist can see the wrong – both moral and legal -- in Schiavo’s death, but Checkie can’t?  Why is it that he, who calls himself a “traditional priest” – and one who has “the training in moral theology that priests have” (as he condescendingly told one parishioner) -- cannot see the evil that an atheist can?  And, just as well, why can’t SGG’s Gerties see it too?  They, who call themselves “real Catholics”: why can’t they recognize it for the obvious evil that it is?  

We could begin to understand how a biased Judge Greer, the ACLU, or biased, pro-death media could advocate the murder of Terri Schiavo – but not someone who calls himself a “traditional priest” (or, again, people who call themselves “Catholic”) – especially when an atheist can see it as murder.  That is what makes this so DISGUSTING, so DETESTABLE. That is why, just based on Schiavo alone, one must disqualify the cult-masters and reject them outright.2   It may interest SGG’s “traditional Catholics” to know that most of the clergy who championed Terri’s cause were, in fact, Novus Ordo (such as Fr. Frank Pavone) – those dreaded “heretics” whom those Gerties “love to hate.”  That observation begs the question posed in Our Lord’s parable about the Good Samaritan: who was Terri’s “neighbor” in this case?  Or, said another way, who was “Catholic” here?

What we got from Fr. Pavone, the “heretic,” was true Catholic charity – practiced in accordance with true Catholic principles.  What we got from Checkie was arrogant authoritarianism – practiced in accordance with NO principles.3  What a Novus Ordo priest saw – and even an atheist saw – Checkie chose not to see.  (But, of course, what kind of “principles” could one expect from people who see nothing wrong with watching porn on a school computer, impregnating a fellow student, or brutalizing the school’s students?  At SGG, all one gets are the appearances of Catholicism – “letter perfect” rites and rubrics, syrupy sanctimony, and pontifical pageantry -- but not real Catholic morality.  One only gets “the show.”) 4

As cult-masters, Dannie and Tony can’t afford Catholic principles, because that would mean giving up their lavish lifestyle, along with all their other “perks”: travel junkets (disguised as “apostolates”) to posh destinations, gourmet meals at fine restaurants, unneeded new “toys” (such as Tony’s new organ), and all their other “needs.”  They know that if they lived according to real Catholic principles, they couldn’t justify any of these goodies (all gained, of course, at the expense of their Gerties, who are expected to “offer it up” so that these sleaze-bags can “live it up”).  Dannie and Tony’s kingdom is of this world, not the next – and living by true Catholic principles would be too “unprofitable” for them. 

But their Gerties, on the other hand, have no such material stake; they have nothing to lose (but their bondage).  So, Gerties, why not free yourselves of the cult’s yoke.  Stop the “pretend Catholicism” of “the show” -- of spectacle, elaborate ceremonies, and “the right words and rubrics” -- and start practicing real Catholicism, i.e., keeping God’s commandments, and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.  So, Gerties, if you want to save your souls (and your bank accounts), stop “pretending,” and start “getting real.”  Leave the cult. Then, and only then, will you find out what real Catholicism is all about.


1 In the article, the author openly admits that he is an atheist: “As an atheist, I cannot speak to what he describes as his abandoned wife's ultimate destination, but I can tell how Wesley Smith (consultant to the Center for Bioethics and Culture) -- whom I often consult on these bitterly controversial cases because of his carefully researched books and articles) describes death by dehydration.”

2 And, as if “Schiavo” wasn’t enough, add to that everything else that the cult-masters have done (such as the 2009 school scandals, and Dannie’s wholesale exploitation of people – especially Bernie Brueggemann), and it is absolutely incomprehensible why anyone would ever want to follow (or justify) these maggots.  Their tenure has been one long continuum of abuse, exploitation, and error; and absolutely no one of sound mind can claim “ignorance” of what they have done.  (This is especially so with Schiavo, since Tony’s position on that was SPELLED OUT in a printed insert in SGG’s church bulletin.)  

Bear in mind, too, that it wasn’t Tony alone who justified Terri Schiavo’s slow, methodical execution. Dolan thoroughly endorsed this depravity as well, as did Sanborn.  (Click here to see Big Don’s letter in support of Tony’s position – the letter that he erased from his website, but which we resurrected, and reproduced.)  In fact, all of Tradistan was aware of Tony’s position on Schiavo – and most said nothing in opposition to it.

Even many traditional “stalwarts” who should have known better, such as Fr. Martin Stepanich, stood by silently, in cowardly acquiescence, as Terri was slowly being put to death.  It was only a handful of traditional priests (such as IC’s Fr. William Jenkins) who dared to speak out in protest.  (There were several other priests who did voice their opposition to Terri’sdeath, but it was only Jenkins who actually called out the Checkmeister on it.

Now some might argue that Stepanich never actually endorsed Checkie’s position on Schiavo.  No he didn’t – but he never said anything against it either.  Instead, he “wimped out” by writing some non-conclusive words about it.  (He also took the same coward’s way out regarding the SGG school scandals.  In fact, in a caustic letter to one of SGG’s former parishioners, he actually rebuked the latter for daring to question his support of Dolan and Cekada on the 2009 SGG school scandals.)  (Click here and here for more on this.)

3 And what makes Tony so despicable is that, besides being so blatantly arrogant, he was so totally WRONG.  Witness what he said in his final response to an SGG parishioner (a woman) who had very respectfully asked for some clarification (from him) on his position on Schiavo:  “Finally, the larger problem I see is that lay traditionalists like you are trying to turn something into a mortal sin that isn't.  You have no business doing so. You don't have the training in moral theology that priests have, and you certainly don't have the confessional experience we do in applying moral principles.  [Our bold emphasis]

But this doesn't stop you from boldly expressing your ‘opinion’ on the moral issues in the Schiavo case, because in the practical order you simply cannot accept the fact that a priest probably knows a lot more than you do about certain subjects, chief among them, moral theology. I am supposed to make the distinctions for you between right and wrong, because I have the training, the sacramental graces and the experience to do so. [Our bold emphasis]
But because do not have the humility to recognize this in practice, you will go on endlessly arguing for your "opinion," rendering exchanges like this a waste of the priest's time, and in the process, I fear, turning traditional Catholics into members of the Church of Lay Opinion.”

This response was “vintage Tony”: arrogance, condescension – and (of course) ignorance.  Knows a lot more…about moral theology”?  Confessional experience … in applying moral principles”?  The “sacramental graces … to do so”?  Who are you trying to kid, Tony?  This woman had more knowledge of morality in her little finger than you could ever hope to have in your entire existence.  (For more on Cekada’s exchange with this woman, click here.)

4 As it turns out, Dannie’s “letter perfect rites and rubrics” really aren’t all so “letter perfect.”  Dannie omits and alters them at will, and at times resurrects arcane rubrics that have long since lost their relevance, just to give his Gerties the impression that he “keeps the old observances.”  (See It’s All About the Show.) (Pistrina Liturgica has written even more articles about Dannie’s liturgical fabrications and falsifications in his make-it-up-as-you-go-along “Catholicism.”  Click here and here for two of them.)

Note, too, that Dannie’s reputation as traditional Catholicism’s “ultimate authority” (and Tony’s as a “scholar”) have been conclusively trashed.  After Tony’s writings were exposed for the error-filled, amateurish drivel that they are (and SGG’s “Ordo” and “calendar” have been exposed as the same), Dannie and Tony have become the laughing stock of TradNation.


  1. And the SSPX faction wasn't idle...Christopher Ferrara put aside differences to work with Fr. Pavone and others to save Mrs. Schiavo.

    1. Dave, thanks so much for pointing that out. The fact is, the SSPX (and FSSP), unlike the scum of the “bishop” led cults, are truly Catholic – and men who care about souls (and have a grasp of REAL moral theology). Dannie, Tony, Big Don, and Pivvy care about nothing but THEMSELVES (and living a life of luxury) – and they and their minions have NO grasp of real moral theology (or anything else Catholic).

  2. If I recall Tom Flemming of Chronicles magazine (supposedly paleo conservative) was supportive of the Michael Schiavo side. His article was entitled Hard Cases Make Bad Law or something like that. It was enough for me to end my subscription, and Cekada's intrangisence on this point was enough for me to leave SGG after learning of it. Bringing up old issues is of great importance, for not all of us were aware when it happened.

    1. Yes, that is why we keep bringing up Schiavo now and again. As you said, not everyone was aware of the facts in that case at the time. (Also, many people have “short memories,” and must have those facts REINFORCED again.) And what those facts should tell them is that Dolan and Cekada are NOT CATHOLIC, but self-seeking phonies POSING as “Catholic.”

  3. The sad fact is, that Fr. Cekada played right into the progressive liberals hands by endorsing his warped opinion without knowing the facts. Poor Terri was put to death, under the Roe v Wade Law, which will be implemented in the very near future as the progressives enforce an agenda what they deem upon useless humanity. There goes the elderly, sickly, mentally impaired, crippled. How about those old antiquated ritualistic Religious followers of the True Faith, who are an impediment to Lucifer and his forces from hell?

    Oh yes! All of this is coming under that lied and contrived law to destroy God's Creations. Terri is one, of millions to follow, sooner rather than later. Bear in Mind Trump is only a cog in the wheel of time,IF man does not change. Then the wrath of God will be upon us all.

    1. Another reason that Cekada offered his warped opinion about Schiavo – perhaps the biggest reason -- is that he cares about no one but HIMSELF. As we said in our last response, he and Dannie are NOT Catholic, but IMPOSTERS imposing as such. (The same goes for Sanborn and Pivarunas.) Theses hucksters are just “playing Church” for the gullible. If they were truly Catholic, they’d preach (and live by) true Catholic principles.

  4. I am not quite understanding what you are getting at here. Why would self-interest in and of itself lead one to support the Michael Schiavo side? At the time of the events I was thoroughly self-interested and could see that the proper distinctions were not being made and Michael was suspicious. Peresistant vegetative state is not brain dead, it is not even terminal illness where one may licitily refuse life prolonging treatment. PVS is akin to disability, being a rather profound type. Terri could eat, drink etc. like us and like us would die without it. She didn't even strictly need a feeding tube and was able to swallow of I recall the facts. Cekada was just wrong, wrong like he was about una cum, and instead of backing off, or qualifying his input as opinion, he doubled down and attempted to dogmatize it.

    1. Yes, I can understand your confusion. “Self-interest” per se does not make one take one position over another. Thanks for pointing that out. (I should have proof-read what I had written; looking at it now, it doesn’t make much sense!) I was in a hurry at the time, and “got ahead of myself” in my thought process. What I was thinking at the time was that Checkie, being the misogynist that he is, didn’t really give a damn about Terri’s plight, and was thinking only of HIMSELF when he stated his position on her death. Please pardon the “gaps” in my thought process!

      What you said about Schiavo’s plight and about Checkie doubling down and attempting to dogmatize his errors – whether it be Schiavo, una cum, or anything else – is absolutely right. His pride and arrogance will not allow him to do otherwise. Again, thanks for your comment (and for pointing out the “logical gaps”).