Saturday, September 10, 2016

Yes, the “Gift” DOES Keep on Giving!

Many people wonder how we at Lay Pulpit (and Pistrina Liturgica) can find so much to write about regarding Dannie (Dolan) and Tony (Cekada), week after week.  It’s simple: Dannie and Tony “hand it to us on a silver platter,” so to speak.  They are, as we often like to say, “the gift1 that keeps on giving.”  By that, we mean that they, by their own words, incriminate themselves, thereby giving us plenty of “ammunition” to use against them.  (And for that, we thank them profusely!)  Case in point: the August 14, 2016 (Pentecost XIII) SGG Bulletin, there was a piece about SGG’s “school.”  (Click here, then go to “Back to School?” to see it.)

It went as follows: Are your children attending the sub-pagan schools? Get them...out of there. What are you waiting for? It’s not as if sub-pagan schools actually teach children English grammar and give them facility with numbers and make them familiar with the lands and rivers and seas of our world, let alone introduce them to the great works of western civilization. If your children are in the sub-pagan schools, it will require almost a miracle of God to keep them from becoming sub-pagan themselves. They too will learn to worship the three-poisoned god of our times, self, sex, State. Take for granted that everything in their classes will be sexuality and politics; even in science classes.  Shakespeare?  Sexuality and politics and nothing else.  Get them out.  Begin, if necessary, with one room and one teacher and ten children.  Begin.”

That segment was then followed by this (parenthetic) addendum: “(The above was written by Anthony Esolen in Crisis Magazine, but deserved again a place in our bulletin, as your children do at our school. And God bless our persevering home-schoolers!)”

The first paragraph (written by Anthony Esolen) was legitimate, Esolen being a still-living professor at Providence College in Rhode Island.  But the “parenthetic” reference to his quote (written by Dannie, Tony, or one of their lackeys) IS NOT.  It was just another cheap attempt by the SGG mountebanks to link themselves to a legitimate personage – and, more importantly, to give everyone (reading their trash) the impression that SGG’s “school” embodies all those qualities outlined in Esolen’s quoted passage.2   Nothing could be farther from the truth.

SGG’s “school,” – scholastically speaking – is (as the evidence has shown so many times) a DUNG HEAP.  To begin with, it is NOT accredited.  And, as for “the three R’s” (reading, writing, and [a]rithmetic), SGG fares no better than the average “lowest-common-denominator” public school (actually, not even as well).  None of SGG’s (or MHT’s) kids has ever reached any level of educational distinction (such as national merit scholar), nor do they take any of the standardized tests that are required of accredited institutions.  (For more “stats” on the school, see SGG’s School: A Bad Bargain.)

By the way, that quoted passage (from Esolen) seemed to insinuate that grammar was not taught in “sub-pagan schools.” However, we beg to differ with Prof. Esolen’s “insinuation,” if that’s what it was.  As it turns out, virtually ALL public schools (if that’s what he’s calling “sub-pagan” schools) teach grammar (and “the other two R’s”) as a matter of course.  They MUST, because government standards mandate it. 3  If children in the public schools don’t learn their grammar, etc., it’s not because the schools don’t teach it, but because the students don’t “absorb” it.  (This is especially true in inner-city schools, whose students are from families “at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder.”  Such people, as a rule, place little value on education.)

At one time, perhaps, the quality of the teachers (or the curriculum) might have been a legitimate reason for students not getting “the three R’s”; but that is no longer the case – especially in most “higher end” public schools, such as those in “good school districts.”  However, there are schools where the teaching staff (and the curriculum) are sub-standard: the cult-center schools.  Not only (as pointed out earlier) are SGG’s, MHT’s, and the CMRI’s schools not accredited, but their teachers in most cases have no credentials either.  (One of SGG’s “teachers” was the “principal’s” daughter, who was only a high-school graduate – and from SGG’s cesspool school at that.  And as for the “principal” himself – the man who heads SGG’s “school,” his “educational expertise” leaves something to be desired.4  (The same can be said for MHT’s school, most of whose “nuns” are high-school grads at best, and who have no teaching expertise whatsoever.)
“But,” one of Dannie’s bootlickers, in self-righteous indignation, might remonstrate, “Well, even though SGG might not measure up academically, the kids there are still getting a Catholic education!”  Well, the answer to that is:  NO, THEY ARE NOT.  SGG is, if you will recall, the institution whose resident “theologian” (and erstwhile “expert on everything”) – Tony Baloney (aka Erroneous Antonius) -- postulated most emphatically on the “right” of Michael Schiavo to have his wife, Terri, starved and dehydrated to death.  It is also the place where the children were taught that riding roller-coasters and wearing sport-logo headbands were mortal sins – but that watching porn, watching animal-torture videos, and impregnating a fellow student are (apparently) NOT -- as long they’re done by the principal’s sons.
SGG is, by anyone’s yardstick, a moral leper colony.  Its only “Catholicism” – as Dannie and Tony have proved so many times – is purely COSMETIC.  It is nothing more (as is MHT) than a CULT, where fear reigns, and where ignorance and intimidation are the order of the day.  And the really sad part about SGG’s “school” is that the Gerties are paying a PREMIUM for it.  If they really knew what the “principal” and his family were being paid for providing this academic train wreck, they’d be in a pretty foul mood indeed!

Another “sad” (but true) thing is the sanctimonious pap Dannie added at the end of the other remarks (in the aforementioned Bulletin) about SGG’s school: “And God bless our persevering home-schoolers.”  It’s “sad but true” because there is (for once) “more truth than poetry” in that remark -- because those home-schoolers are at least getting a better education than those poor suckers at SGG’s “school.”  Another point to ponder -- and this is a really scary thought -- is that, as bad as SGG’s school is, it’s probably better than what those poor schmucks are getting at MHT’s sewer.  At least at SGG, students are not used (at least regularly) as “janitors.”  But in either case, though (SGG or MHT), the parents are “paying through the nose” for an absolutely WORTHLESS “education.”  (Now that IS a scary thought!!)

What we suggest to Dannie is that he and Tony dissolve the school, before SGG’s parishioners “dissolve” him, Tony, and the “principal.”  And we also suggest that, in future, Dannie and Tony both refrain from opening their mouths about “how good” their school is (or from promoting any of their other “ventures”).  Their “success rate” for doing such has been nothing short of catastrophic (their “Ordo 2016,” their “calendar,” Tony’s excremental “videos,” etc., etc., etc.).  But we know that they won’t refrain.  They can’t help themselves: they’ll keep making the same mistakes over and over again – “the gift that keeps on giving.”  And for that, as we’ve often said before, “we are eternally grateful.”


1 The word “gift” is very apropos -- in both English and German.  As an English word, it is appropriate, because it certainly IS a gift for us at Lay Pulpit (and Pistrina) to have Dannie provide us with so much “ammo” to use against him.  And, auf Deutsch, it’s also appropriate, because “das Gift” (in German) means poison – and Dannie’s verbal screw-ups certainly ARE “poison” -- for him and Tony, that is!

2 It was probably Checkie’s idea (to link themselves to Esolen).  He did a similar bit of misrepresentation some years back (just as Dannie is doing now with his plagiarized “Latin for You”), when he wrote the article School Dazed -- his (futile) attempt to “defuse and deflect” the hard evidence of the scandalous events that occurred at SGG’s school back in 2009.  A refuting article, School Dazed Revisited (click here for it), shows how, in the very beginning of his School Dazed, Tony tried to mislead the reader, just as he and Dannie are doing now in the Bulletin piece.  (We recommend, by the way, reading the entire School Dazed Revisited article, as well as all of its sequels, here, here, here, here, and here.  They absolutely DESTROY every one of the arguments in Tony’s original School Dazed article.)

3 Prof. Esolen knows this: he knows that public schools (as well as Novus Ordo schools) have high academic standards.  Therefore, his insinuation is both naïve and irresponsible.  True, public schools have no “religious standards,” but neither do many traddie schools – at least those at the cult centers.  The public schools might teach no morality – but the cult centers preach wrong morality.  As they’ve proved so many times, they’re good at marketing the cosmetics of Catholicism, but not its substance.

By the way, it is, shall we say, “curious” that Dannie and Tony picked Prof. Esolen to quote, because he is a professor at Providence College, a Dominican institution (and, hence, a Novus Ordo one).  So, why would Dannie and Tony choose to quote from a “Novus Ordo Catholic” (whom they claim to be not Catholic)?  Why would they “consort with the enemy,” so to speak?  Why?  Because Dannie is not above using anyone, “friend” OR “foe,” to suit his purpose -- that’s why.  (Dannie did the same thing with the late Bernie Brueggemann  -- using his name several times for its “propaganda value” with the Gerties, who still revere Bernie’s memory.  And, as we mentioned before, he’s been doing it a lot lately with his plagiarized “Latin for You,” using someone else’s material, and passing it off as if it were his own.)

Bottom line: as to whether Esolen’s claims are true or not, is totally immaterial; he is not talking about the cult centers’ schools, but something else.  And besides, the cult centers cannot “ride in on the coattails” of what he said, because their schools, by and large, are the absolute worst.  It is they, not the “sub-pagan schools,” that are woefully deficient in everything -- academics AND “religion.”  And the worst part of it is, the Gerties are paying a premium for this garbage that SGG’s “school” puts out.

4 The following anecdote should give one some idea of the level of “erudition” of the principal himself: Once, after uttering the oft-repeated (but erroneous) phrase, “between you and I,” he (the principal) was accosted by a parishioner, who corrected him, saying, “No, Mark, it’s ‘between you and me.’”  Whereupon, the “principal” – miffed that anyone would dare “challenge” him -- condescendingly retorted, “No, ‘between you and I’ is correct.”  The parishioner, undaunted (and not backing down), countered, “No, ‘between you and me’ is correct – and I’m sure that your grammar book says so.”  Whereupon, the “principal” – visibly irked by such “impertinence” -- fired back (in an even more irritated and authoritarian tone), “No, it [the book] says that ‘between you and I’ is correct.”  At this point, the parishioner, realizing that he was dealing with an intransigent ass, walked away.  So, with a “headmaster” like that, one ought to have a fair idea of what to expect from this “school,” and what passes for “erudition” there at Dannie’s Dunce Factory.


  1. You are so right! I think they are like Badgers, and like most nuisances they eventually make that ultimate mistake. Hopefully, it will be that left hook that sends them right out of the ring, and down for the permanent count.

    What a day that will be!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I'm thinking most send their children to these schools based on guilt or a moral obligation to support the schools. It is obvious that tuition is being given to support the Lotarski family and the nuns, and not necessarily for an education.

  3. I think these schools are cover-ups, and they are not for the academic education. From my understanding, the school in Ohio uses it's students for choir and serving. It is more of a part-time school. The rumors are the same for the Florida/Arizona school. They appear to be cover-ups for part-time academic education, part serving and choir, part brainwashing to claim students have religious vocations to supply for their convent, and the other part to supply future employees for their main contributors' business.

  4. Please advise the credentials of the teachers of all these schools.

    1. We don’t have definitive information on their credentials (or even who the actual teachers are). At SGG, the “principal” and his wife have (we believe) “bachelor” degrees of some sort – but not teaching degrees. The principal’s “pedigree” is that he was at one time a restaurant manager, and taught at Sanborn’s school in Michigan for a time (we’re not sure which job came first). And after he came to SGG, the school actually had one teacher with a doctorate (in what, we’re not sure). She (the teacher) was the wife of one of the parishioners; and, because of her “doctorate” degree, was added to make the faculty roster “look good.” (BTW, she no longer teaches there. She “retired.”) One of the other “teachers” was the principal’s daughter, who only had an “SGG” high school diploma (which, as they say in the vernacular, “ain’t much”).

      But, whatever “credentials” the teachers had, the “products” (their students) didn’t achieve much. SGG produced no “scholars”; and, in their first dozen years of existence, produced NO non-Lotarski graduates – a poor track record indeed. Also, we’d like to thank anon. 8:36 AM for his/her comment about using the SGG kids for choir practice, etc. We forgot to mention that in our article. If the whole truth were known, we bet that the SGG “students” do just as much “grunt work” as those at MHT’s “school.” (And we’ll also bet that much of that goes on at CMRI’s school too.)

  5. Mht credentials, according to comments on pl, 5-6 nuns with no formal training and graduates of mht, 2 graduates from mht who began teaching the fall after high school, an 80 year old nurse, and the mother of the nuns (supposably also a nurse.) The 80 year old was once fired for not knowing there was rapid cheating going on in her classroom, Rehired due to being a big donor to Don. One of the lay teachers supposably would fall asleep in class consistently. The mom of the nuns had appointed herself the acting principal.

    I guess the credentials don't really matter if they are only teaching cleaning, singing, maid, and serving skills the majority of the time. The families supply all the meals to the nuns, due to them not being able to teach a group of 20-30 kids, but apparently not being able to cook for themselves either. The student graduate girls supply their convent and the boys the donors' family businesses.

  6. Hey, Watcher,

    That was a classic note about Lotarski 'sdefending to the death his solecism "between you and I." It's obvious he didn't go to Catholic school. The nuns where I attended would have set him straight on that matter. and fast!

    How do you think Lotarski would have responded if the better educated parishioner had replied, "O.K. Mark, then what would your grammar book say about "between he and she?"

  7. Yeah, Loturdski apparently doesn't know that "between" is a PREPOSITION, and prepositions ALWAYS take the objective case. And, yes, as for MHT's "credentials," etc., they're rubbish. Although, in the case of the girls, they're also trained for a bona fide occupation: working for "Molly Maid" service!!

  8. When did a Catholic school ever need extra lay teachers for 20 kids? Even if there are only 5 sisters, they can't teach 4 children each? That seems outrageous!

    Then, they have to have a lay principal (similar to the Lotarski situation at SGG)? Unbelievable!

    To top that off, they can't teach, run the school, or even cook for themselves? What type of place is this? And who is training these sisters? I have to ask what they are training them to do? If their primary responsibility is to teach, and they can't even do that, what are they being "taught"?

  9. Well said. With cult-center schools, rationality and logic have no place – only M-O-N-E-Y.

  10. Florida claims to have two doctors as graduates. Since the majority if not all of the schooling of the two was accomplished in Michigan, before Sanborn dismissed the better-prepared and self-reliant nuns of Bp. McKenna, and where an actual curriculum existed, the current school cannot rightfully claim this as an accomplishment. (Although they do, to entice unsuspecting newcomers.)

    To begin with, these two came from two of the wealthy families who were given special privileges. If rumors are true, these two were also denied entrance to M.D. programs, but had to instead attend the less distinguished D.O. (osteopathic) programs. One even had to attend a school outside the continental U.S. because he couldn't gain admission to a continental U.S. college. Not only can these families buy priest and bishop positions, but it's obvious they can use their money to have doctors too (but without an M.D. after their names).

  11. Gee, why does none of this surprise me?!! Yeah, how TYPICAL of them at MHT to take credit for something for which others (the people in Michigan) were responsible! Just as Tony and Dannie do, these creeps deceptively claim credit for that which they had absolutely NOTHING to do with. And, as you deftly pointed out, these two “doctors” are not MD’s, so their “feat” is not all that spectacular anyway. BTW, the only “doctor” that SGG sports is a DOLL (their “Doctor Jesus” doll that Dannie hung from the pulpit one day). It was absolutely RIDICULOUS.

  12. Who are the two going into the seminary this fall from sgg? SGG's weekly newsletter/bulletin said it has some kids going to the seminary. If one of the boys (Lotarski) is going into their "brother" program, can we assume that he wasn't intelligent enough to be offered a spot on the seminary roster? Is the new seminarian from SGG a graduate from their school?

    Sanborn's monthly newsletter said he will have 12 seminarians, and that they will be attending year round now. Is this because he's scared of losing them, since they often don't return from the breaks?

  13. I didn't read the full bulletin, so I missed the part about the boys going to the "seminary"; but, either way, I have no information on either one. You're probably right about the one boy (if he's a Lotarski) being too ill-qualified to make it in anything other than their "brother" program. (In order to qualify for being a "brother" there, one must have 1) a body temperature of 98.6°F, and 2) a detectable heartbeat.)

    As for the seminarians now being kept at MHT year-round, your guess is probably right on that as well. Donny has lost too many during the "off-season," so he's probably not "taking any chances" anymore. But, to be "certain," he should also put bars on the windows of each dorm room, and outfit each candidate with a ball and chain (tethered to the wall, of course) -- with the chain just long enough to get said candidate from his dorm to the classroom and/or lunchroom.

  14. In keeping with a sense of charity and truth, this particular Lotarski boy is actually a nice fellow. Somehow or another he was able to retain some innocence and has a good nature. How the SGG elements were not able to destroy him is beyond me.

    It is so unfortunate that, if he does indeed have a vocation to the religious life, he is stuck going down there to that awful place. It’s too bad there isn’t a decent traditional order or community of lay brothers he could test his vocation out on.

    The oldest Lotarski boy attended MHT seminary a number of years ago, but lasted not even a year as far as I know. Let us all pray for this youngest Lotarski boy. Many ex SGG people will remember this young man when he was quite younger.

    1. That's great that he escaped the SGG curse.

      Do you know if the other boy entering the seminary attended SGG's school?

      Despite Sanborn's claim that this is a new brotherhood program, unless he means revamped or something, he had other brothers who left. His turnover rate is not good.

    2. Yes, the oldest boy “graduated” from SGG; so far all of them have graduated from there except for the 2 youngest girls who are still students there. It is my understanding the oldest did indeed continue on to University after leaving MHT. His status now I don’t know.

      I’m not aware of any so-called traditional communities that have had any success keeping lay brothers, correct me if I am wrong anyone. I recall SSPX might’ve had a novitiate for brothers.

      But, why would any young man want to become a brother when all he has to do is find the right bishop
      who will ordain him to the priesthood, regardless of intelligence and education, and suitability to the priesthood, all for a price of course? Under the sponsorship of his bishop he can network and make a few well heeled friends and proceed to get in a fight with his bishop and become independent. You get a wealthy woman or man sponsoring and supporting you, one who can control and manipulate you, and you got it made in the shade!

    3. Yes, the Lotarski boy is a graduate of Sgg, but what about the other future seminarian mentioned? Is the other boy a graduate of SGG???

      We can probably assume that some of Lotarski's kids turned out ok, despite the mention of the couple who terrorized the school and contributed in the school scandals.

      I am wondering about college for these kids. Sanborn discourages college, but he makes exceptions. Does Lotarski's children get exceptions for college or does Dolan discourage/encourage it?

      I'm sure if anyone digs deep enough into the schools, the quality of education is not what is the focal point. Daily mass is most likely the enticement for parents to send their children there. Another focal point would be the brainwashing/encouraging their children into having a vocation. For the establishments, it appears from all the posts that they get tuition money, free labor, and future religious (especially at the mht school.)

      At one point, the SGG school said Lotarski will always be the one in charge. After his two youngest graduate, will he get a real job or will there still be a need for him?

    4. To use Anon.’s(Sept.12, 8:12 pm) words, “In keeping with a sense of charity and truth,” we’d have to say that “this particular Lotarski is actually” NOT “a nice fellow” -- at least not back in 2009. While his brothers were watching porn and animal torture videos on the school computer, he too was right there, “enjoying them” (and enlisting other students to do the same). Perhaps he has “reformed” since then; but the information we’ve received since then says that this reform has not “materialized.” So, if I were a betting man, I’d place a wager that he has NOT “cleaned up his act.”

      The boy in question is (reportedly) academically slow. That’s probably why he’s going into the “brother” program instead of the “priest” route (although MHT’s “seminary” has pathetically low standards). As for the other Anon.’s question about the other boy, we have no info. And as for how long Lotarski will stay, that’s a good question. Our guess is that he’ll stay as long as he can extort Dannie into paying his tab (because he reportedly “has something” on Dannie and Tony). After all, why stare a good cash cow – er, gift horse -- in the mouth?!

    5. The thought of 2 brothers watching pornography together is a revolting one, absolutely disgusting. And to scandalize a younger brother by introducing him to it? This youngest boy would’ve been rather young in 2009, if he is now 18 or 19 years old as we speak.

      This vice is a most difficult one to quit, and introduction to it at a young tender age can make it even more difficult to overcome. And, it being introduced to a young boy by his older brothers? I’d no idea this youngest boy was involved in this. I hope this is either a misunderstanding or yet still another exaggerated traddie fabrication.

      Let us remember though that it is a vice that can be overcome, albeit with much difficulty. We live in a society where almost ALL boys (and girls for that matter) are watching that stuff. Almost any young man or woman you meet has had exposure to porn. Condemn it, yes, most certainly. But, let’s also come up with effective approaches and methods to persuade them to get on the band wagon and stop this horrible sin. Let’s not yet consign this young man to the moral dung heap. The 2 older L boys bragged about their porn watching a few years earlier, word circulated around SGG. Nothing was done about it. I can’t believe the L parents and clergy of SGG didn’t catch wind of it and stop it before it turned into the 2009 scandal. It was also common knowledge that the L children would sneak out of their house late at night to visit the nearby 24/7 Wal-Mart. One or possibly 2 of their male boarders discussed the obscene, vulgar language used by Mr L at home as well as the free reign the children had on the internet.

      As for Lotarski “having something” on Dolan/Cekada, perhaps they too have something on Lotarski? If indeed Lotarski has something on them, and he will spill the beans if they get rid of him against his will, who would believe him anyway? If the goods he has on them are of a legal nature, one that could result in them being prosecuted, and he has withheld that information thus far, wouldn’t he be complicit in their wrong doings? If it is a moral situation, again, who would believe him and why has he remained silent for so long? For a paycheck and a stage to act out his sadism? If he is well aware he is employed in an immoral, law breaking cesspool, shouldn’t he have gotten out long ago? I’ve been hearing this rumor for many years now. So, if he does spill the beans, he will suddenly redeem himself and be a hero in the trad community? He will get his 15 minutes of fame? (Remind me not to tune in to that show.) He will be welcomed into the finest traddie homes, homes he has as of now been locked out of? He will be a good guy then? I guess we will have to wait and see.

    6. Yes, the youngest Lotarski boy was younger back then – but he was still WELL PAST the “age of reason.” ”Back then” would have been about 8 or 9 years ago, making him about 10 or 11 – old enough to “know what he was doing.” However, I’m sure that his older brothers were a bad influence on him. Actually, the whole Lotarski family is a strange bunch – and that includes several of the daughters as well. The only one who really turned out right (so far) was the oldest (Ann).

      And don’t look to the parents to straighten these kids out, either. They (the parents) are the REASON the kids turned out the way they did! Both the father and mother were sadistic martinets at SGG’s school (and probably still are). They, in turn, were molded by the phony “cosmetics” that pass for “Catholicism” at SGG. Several children of the Gerties who went there turned out horribly bad (and parents too, in several cases). One parent is serving prison time right now on “moral” charges; and several daughters of Gerties have borne children out of wedlock. In one case, one turned lesbian; and in another, “transgender.” Bottom line: SGG is an immoral, amoral CESSPOOL.

      Concerning what Lotarski “has” on Dannie and Tony, our guess is that it’s part “moral,” and perhaps part “legal.” And our guess too is that the “legal” part involves both Lotarski and the cult-masters. Whatever it is, it’s hard to say what sort of “powder keg” will “blow up” and bring it out into the open. But, for sure, it’s some kind of “standoff”; and there’s some “secret stuff” going on here. As to what will eventually happen, either with the Lotarski boy or the Lotarskis aor SGG in general, we’ll use your closing words: “I guess we will have to wait and see.”

    7. The case of children borne out of wedlock is not distinctive just to SGG; it happens in other trad chapels as well. Actually, it has been going on in Catholic congregations throughout history. There were certain religious communities/orders of Sisters who conducted homes for Catholic unwed mothers. The 2 cases, that you know of at SGG, might not be the only cases. It’s just other cases at SGG and other local trad chapels were handled more discreetly, you know the drill. Once the young woman begins to “show” she is sent to live with an out of town/state aunt who is “sick” or needs help on her farm, an aunt no one ever heard about until now, or sent to some distant boarding school. When she returns, well, the school didn’t work out or whatever reasons would be cited.

      Transgender people are profoundly disturbed mentally and emotionally. Preaching to them that “how they feel” about themselves and how they act on it, that it is wrong or against the laws of nature, ain’t gonna change much in their minds. However much such people may revolt or disgust us, being forced to play the role of the gender they were born in doesn’t always work for them, as the process going on in their minds tells them differently. They will revolt. Again, it is a serious mental condition.
      And to go through with gender reassignment surgery, and all those hormones and goodness knows what else they must ingest, it’s awful to think someone would make such decisions to mutilate themselves.

      I won’t discuss lesbianism here as what is there to say? With all of the heterosexual unwed you know what going on at SGG one would think this young woman would’ve gotten on the straight band wagon. But, homosexuality is older than the Church itself. Be assured there are other people in other chapels the same as this young woman. Do you know if she approached any of the SGG clergy for moral guidance when she made her decision to “become” a lesbian? I highly doubt it. In fact, she was attending a public high school when she made this revelation. She attended SGG school under a different principal. In fact, the mother took ALL of her children out of that school the 1st or 2nd week of Lotarski’s first year as principal at that school.

      I am inclined to think that ultimately, supervision of minors in the home is the duty of parents. If a priest is told some young people in his school or congregation are engaged in pre marital sex, what is he to do except talk to the parents and to the young people?

      As to the man in prison on moral charges, this also is not some anomaly distinctive only to SGG. This man had issues long before he became a trad. Again, you can be assured there are other men (and perhaps women too) not only in the plethora of chapels in the Greater Cincinnati area possibly guilty of the same crime as this man, but universally. People like this are sick, sick, sick. They are everywhere. Statistically it is only logical the trad churches will get some of them.

      No, I am not a member of SGG/MHT or CMRI or any other trad entity you don’t like. Would I send my children to SGG/MHT/CMRI Absolutely not. I do quite agree with you that the L children are the product of their environment, no debate there.

    8. You may not be a member of SGG, but you must know one who is, for you are certainly familiar with much of went on there. And, yes, a lot of the things that went on there are not peculiar to SGG. But SGG played an integral part in molding many of the people we described (actually, in WARPING them). SGG has an atmosphere of sadism, guilt-tripping, and giving WRONG moral direction. As to your question about whether the one (who became a lesbian) “approached any of the SGG clergy for moral guidance,” all we can say is that – at best -- it WOULDN’T HAVE MADE ANY DIFFERENCE. And “at worst”? Let’s just say that asking those lepers for “moral guidance” is like asking the fox how to protect the hen house.

      Yes, people who choose the lesbian or “transgender” route (or any other form of perversion) are certainly “disturbed”; but they certainly know right from wrong – and they are MORALLY RESPONSIBLE for their actions. And the kind of “moral guidance: they got at SGG was NO moral guidance at all. In the “trans-gender” case, the father was a big supporter (both financially and “spiritually”) of Dannie and Tony, and the child was at one time “normal.” I think that, seeing the hypocrisy of all that went on at SGG, this “trans-gender” just rejected the “whole ball of wax,” and decided to “go off the deep end.”

      The bottom line is that SGG, with its emphasis on the “cosmetics” of Catholicism (and its TOTAL LACK of real Cathloic morality) did much (if not MOST) of the damage in making these kids turn out the way they did. By the way, the examples I mentioned are only a SAMPLING of the “misfits” there. There are many more. And actually, the trad churches statistically get MORE “weirdoes” (per capita) than their Novus Ordo (and public school) counterparts. What the SGG kids needed was a truly wholesome, Catholic environment; and what they got was a dung-filled cesspool. Bottom line: Dolan and Cekada (andLotarski) have much for which to answer to God, for all the lives (and souls) that they have ruined.