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Dannie’s “Not-So-Divine Comedy”

Dannie Dolan’s SGG Bishop’s(?) Corner, as always, “never disappoints.”  It’s always chuck full of his usual mix of ecclesiastical excrement: “S&S” (Syrup & Sanctimony), “The Show,” gruesome details of his feral critters’ exploits, copious quantities of “Bergoglio bashing,” lots of condescending flattery for all his cult slaves -- and, of course, the weekly “weather report.”  And, as usual, many of Dannie’s absent-minded musings and ramblings – especially about his critters – are fairly pointless to anyone other than himself.  Well, last week’s ‘ Corner  was no exception: it was vintage “Dannie.”

First, he started off with the weather, as he is wont to do: “This past week was a heavy one, both for work and weather. And it’s always harder to work in this weather!”  (We’re not sure why it’s “harder to work in this weather!” but, okay, so be it.)  And then this tidbit: “The McFathers have decamped to hot humid Florida (they could have stayed here) for vacation.”  (Sounds like Dannie was perhaps a little “addled” that they went to Florida [vs. staying back at the cult center] for vacation.  Is he complaining about it being “a waste of money”?  (If so, isn’t that a bit like “the pot calling the kettle black”?!)

Then Dannie started waxing poetic about “The Show”: “But all of our feasts and devotions were duly done, and sung. Our young people formed a fine choir for St. Peter’s Chains. First Friday’s Adoration (thank you to the Guard of Honor) anticipated the glory of today’s Transfiguration. ‘Lord it is good for us to be here!’ we can only cry out with Peter. Believe it.”  Well, okay!  But why recount the week’s past events (including those poor “Guard of Honor” scmucks who had to drive to the cult center in the middle of the night to do their “hour” for Dannie -- while His Complacency slumbered, snugly and indolently, in his king-sized bedroom back at the rectory).  We don’t think that the “Guards of Honor” who were there (between 2 and 5 A.M.) exclaimed, “Lord it is good for us to be here!”  It was probably something more like, “Lord, why are we here at this hour, while Dannie (as usual) is snoozing comfortably?”

The next thing Dannie blathered about was his “critters” (Caravaggio and a certain “weasel,” followed by some “bashing” of the cult’s “enemies” (but, curiously, no “Bergoglio bashing” this time): “The idea of God as Father is blasphemous to the Mohammedans, and forgotten by too many Christians.”  And then, “At some point he [Fr. Lehtoranta] pulled into the parking lot of a Baptist church to get his bearings. It was a beehive of activity. ‘Vespers,’ Fr. Cekada quipped. Well, if only the Baptists knew about Vespers being almost all biblical, I’m sure they would crowd in. Then our parking lot would be packed on some Sunday afternoons. Imagine. Twice on a Sunday and once during the week, and they line up to tithe their ten percent!  [Our bold emphasis.]  But they have neither tabernacle nor altar nor sacrifice. Do you suppose we will one day pay terribly for taking it all for granted?”  The “takeaway” from this is not so much Dannie’s “Baptist bashing” per se, but his using this as an opportunity to give his culties another not-so-subtle reminder about tithing.  Dannie still expects them to give one tenth of their gross income to the cult center!1

But we save the pièce de résistance for last: Dannie's next "tidbit" was about implementing a new “liturgical practice” for SGG: “First Wednesday” devotions!  To quote Dannie, “Last week Fr. Lehtoranta had the inspiration to initiate the First Wednesday devotion, so we did. (How did we miss that one all these years?)  [Yes, Dannie, how did you?!]  A five years indulgence is granted for those who ‘perform some devout exercise in honor of St. Joseph’ on the first Wednesday of the month.”  Well, Golly! (as Gomer Pyle would say).  “Five years’ indulgence!”  [Yes, that’s right, boys and girls: five years!]  Whether or not Dannie has the “power” to grant such an indulgence (and we don’t think he does – for a multitude of reasons) is really an irrelevant point.

Rather, the relevant point here is that, for Dannie, “being Catholic” is all about how many First Fridays, First Saturdays, First Thursdays – and now, First Wednesdays -- one observes, not about how one treats one’s fellow man.  (Dannie has lost sight of the latter.  Correction: he never saw it to begin with.)  That’s why Dannie can reconcile watching porn and fornicating with a fellow student (aka, “boys being boys”) with “being Catholic.”  That’s why he and Tony can sell a congregation’s satellite chapel out from under them (and expropriate their building fund), and still be “Catholic.”  And that’s why he can muse whimsically, with complete detachment, about birds and bunnies being shredded by his feral cats, and still be “Catholic.”  And how can Dannie reconcile all these things? Because he has no principlesthat’s how.

With Dannie, it really doesn’t matter what one does (or how one treats his fellow man), as long as he “shows up for the show” (or, to put it more correctly, “as long as he donates”).  It’s all “letter-of-the-law” stuff: all letter, but no spirit.  Or, as St. Paul puts it, it’s all “sounding brass and clanging cymbal,” but no charity.  And that – coupled with no morals or principles – is, as they say, “a deadly combination.”  That being the case, all of these extra-added “devotions” are not about making people holier, but about imposing extra-added control and manipulation.  It’s about totally immersing them in the cult, until there’s nothing else left but the cult – the classic cult blueprint for control. 

And why is Dannie doing this?  Because he’s getting desperate, that’s why.  This is “Last Chance Gulch” for Dannie: a last ditch attempt to whip the Gerties into line, because he’s losing his grip: financially, psychologically, actually. “The old magic” (aka, manipulation and control) isn’t working very well anymore (and hasn’t for some time). Both the collections and attendance have never recovered to pre-2009 levels, and are down even more, so Dannie “has to do something.”  And that “something” is still control and manipulation (even though it’s not working very well anymore).  It’s really all he has left – that, plus lashing out at all his “enemies” (real or imagined): Bergoglio, Moslems, Baptists, SSPX, FSSP, the government, the local energy utility, “weasels” – you name it.

So, that’s why he’s going back to his old standby: overloading the Gerties with “activities” (that time-worn but tried-and-true cult tactic).  Will it work?  No, we don’t think so.  The Gerties (at long last) are beginning to see through this ruse.  As we said, both attendance and collections are down (although Dannie did comment in his ‘Corner, “Summertime brought another light attendance last week, but a good collection”).  This, however, is wishful thinking on Dannie’s part.  The collection (relatively speaking) was not all that “good.”  But this comment was significant in one respect: like his earlier “tithing” comment, it did reaffirm Dannie’s one, overpowering priority: MONEY.  (And, let’s face it: Dannie really doesn’t care if the pews are completely empty, as long as he gets his Geld.)

That being said, we implore those Gerties still being exploited by the mitered maggot to “turn off the Geld,” i.e., to shut their pocketbooks -- and to continue “voting vote with their feet.”  Dirt-bag Dan and Antonius Balonius are two “fake news phonies” who do not deserve ONE RED CENT of anyone’s hard-earned cash.  Let’s “bring down the curtain” on their "Not-So-Divine Comedy"!  Let’s “close down production” on this farce -- and the sooner, the better.  In other words,

Starve the beast!


1 One perceptive commenter [“Anonymous,” Aug. 5, 8:27 PM) caught this (about Dannie’s perpetual preoccupation with tithing) on last week’s ‘’Corner, and commented about it on PL’s article (click here), after which The Reader, in concurrence, responded with several remarks, including the following:

Boy does he [Dannie] want the Gerties to get the idea. To make sure they did, a couple paragraphs later he [Dannie] wrote:  Summertime brought another light attendance last week, but a good collection.’   P.S. The collection haul still amounted to less than what $GG used to rake in before the 2009 $GG $chool $candal. 

All we shall add to that is, “Right on, Reader!”

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