Saturday, July 2, 2011

Removing All Doubt (Again)

No, this is not a reprint (or rehash) of Dr. Thomas Droleskey’s exhaustively documented  exposé Removing All Doubt.  It is rather a supplementary article, building on the first.  The intent of Dr. Droleskey’s article was to remove all doubt regarding Anthony Cekada’s evil intentions: from his intended smearing of Bp. Petko and Fr. Bernard Hall, to his miscalculated and ill-timed gloating over Fr. Ramolla’s “probable” deportation, and to his shabby attack on Abbot Leonard Giardina – all of which miserably backfired on this moral leper.

But, as if that bit of mischief from the scum-suckers of Rialto Road was not enough, they have actually been at it again – this time with one of their French lackeys, Fr. Thomas “Loose Lips” Le Gal (acting at their behest) attacking Fr. Bernard Hall, who has been administering to French Catholics in the town of Chambery.  Of course, this bit of Dolanesque duplicity has backfired too.  Le Gal’s lying attacks were easily disproved in the article It’s Got To Be Ill-Le Gal, which masterfully unmasks Le Gal’s lies and refutes them one by one.

But this hasn’t stopped the foot-in-mouth Le Gal from continuing his serpentine efforts.  First, he accused Fr. Hall of writing the article (which he did not).  Then, when he was told that it was written by a layman, he got some of the locals in Chambery to label it as “disrespectful to clergy” – the same sorry tactic that some of the SGG sycophants have used here in the U.S.  These hypocrites seem to have forgotten the eighth commandment: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”  Apparently, it is okay for a cleric (Le Gal) to lie about someone (in this case, about a fellow cleric -- Fr. Hall); but it is NOT okay for a layman to defend Fr. Hall against Le Gal’s lies.  According to these people, this constitutes “disrespect.”

They seem to forget that when a priest lies, it is actually a much greater sin, because he has violated his sacred trust as an Alter Christus.   Then to compound that sin by trying to label someone’s truthful defending against those lies as “disrespect” or “slander” is doubly despicable.  But that is textbook Vipers of Vaudeville modus operandi; that is what they have used for years to intimidate their critics into silence.  But this time, that gimmick won’t work, for they have used it too many times.  Perhaps their boot-licking parishioners might fall for it, but the public-at-large no longer takes it seriously.

Le Gal’s latest bit of chicanery, added to what has already been committed, should have left no doubt in anyone’s mind of the baseness and perverseness of Dolan’s and Cekada’s characters.  But, apparently, the sick, sycophant zombies of SGG – like their misguided counterparts in Chambery – are still “doubting” -- they still seem to have not got the message.  Are they hopelessly brain-dead, or are they willfully intransigent?

Well, but one might claim (in their defense) that they may not be aware of what’s going on.  Sorry, chum -- they ARE.  More than a dozen prominent SGG parishioners were sent an e-mail (by one of SAG’s parishioners) containing links to several articles detailing Cekada’s latest hijinks.  He received only ONE RESPONSE – from an SGGer who stated that he had no time to read them because he was on his way to Australia* at the time (well, mate, you’re there now; so why don’t you give them a look?).  So, you see, the SGG parishioners have had more than ample opportunity to see what’s going on; they’ve just chosen to ignore it (in fact, during the past two years, scores of articles have been written -- most of which have fallen on deaf ears).

Actually, SGG’s parishioners wouldn’t have had to read anything from what they consider the “enemy camp.”  They only needed to read from their OWN camp – Cekada’s sorry piece in Quidlibet, or his gloating fiasco about Fr. Ramolla’s imminent, “sure-fire” deportation – to find out what their leaders were really like.  And, of course, let’s not forget Cekada’s Schiavo catastrophe, which virtually every traditional priest on earth condemned (excepting, of course, the vipers and their cohorts at MHT seminary).  No commentary from any outside source on any of this is really needed; it all speaks for itself.

But, like the blind cultists that they are, they simply “swallow and obey” any lies that come down the slop chute from the foxes who run their hen house.  They’ve been so brain-drained and conditioned by the vipers that they can no longer think or discern for themselves, or function in anything like a rational capacity.  What is obvious to a second-grader is now apparently beyond their mental grasp.  They are robots, pre-programmed to obey their masters -- and to reject “conflicting data.”

Are they really that brain-dead?  That certainly can be a piece of it:  they have been conditioned over time to be obedient robots of sorts.  And many, over time, have become narrow-minded hypocrites who condemn people for using “inappropriate language” instead of focusing on the message itself (see A Pristine Example of Hypocrisy), or who accuse people of being “disrespectful to clergy” while totally ignoring said clergy’s disrespect to everyone else (including other clergy).  They have come to confuse sanctimony for piety; they have come to have a notion of “respect” that is both false and selective; they have come to ignore harm that has been done to their co-parishioners – and even their own children (some, realizing that their children were mistreated in SGG’s “school,” have taken them out).  Yet in their sinful complacency, they still stay for the “traditional trappings,” i.e., the “show.”

The net effect of all this is that, for one reason or another, they have become “willfully intransigent” – even though they know that they are wrong.  But their pride is preventing them from admitting it.  Well, get over it, folks.  Get over your pride – before it’s too late.  Your bungling masters will continue to embarrass themselves – and you; and you will find it increasingly difficult to explain it to yourselves, to explain it to your children -- to explain it to anybody.  How many more blatant examples of their duplicity will you need to convince you?  How blatant must Cekada and Dolan get before you wake up and see it for what it is?  How long must the charade go on?

For the overwhelming majority of the traditional community, there is no longer any doubt that the agenda of Anthony Cekada and Daniel Dolan is an evil one.  Cekada’s disgusting letter to all those priests, with its over-the-top gloating about Fr. Markus Ramolla’s impending non-existent deportation; his illogical and vicious attack on a saintly man, a deceased abbot who cannot talk back -- how much longer will you people at SGG support such trash until all doubt is removed about you??

* As a postscript, let me mention that the man on his way to Australia was going there for a serious reason (for which he has our thoughts and prayers in mind), and at the time legitimately had no time to respond to the e-mail sent to him; the fact that he responded at all says more for him then for those who were not under such a burden, but who did not bother to respond at all.  However, enough time has passed that a more appropriate acknowledgement from him (and others) would certainly be appreciated.

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