Saturday, July 18, 2015

What If Somebody Threw a Party, and Nobody Came?

In SGG’s May 2015 Newsletter, there is a picture of Dannie Dolan (and his entourage) in front of the church’s Lenten Altar of Repose (click here and scroll down to see picture).  And if one clicks here, he can see another of Dannie’s extravaganzas: a YouTube video of the Gloria being sung on Holy Saturday.  These are just two examples of Dannie’s “show” for all the cyber-world to gaze and gape at.  Impressive, huh?  Of course, these are only two of the many “visual treats” to “wow” the reader as he wades his way through SGG’s website.  The website even has a “photo gallery” containing 50+ pictures of SGG’s school children “enjoying” all the good things that SGG has to offer.  According to the pictures, SGG is a “Shangri-La,” where “a good, wholesome time is being had by all”: children at play; happy, smiling faces; impressive “church scenes,” where the kids are experiencing “real Catholicism”; etc., etc.  Again, how “impressive”! 

The photo of Dannie & Co. in front of the Altar of Repose is annually one of his favorite “publicity shots.”  Note that there are about fifty or so candles on the altar.  (In past years, there have been close to a hundred at times.)*  Starting on Holy Thursday evening, men in server’s uniforms – Dannie’s “guard of honor” volunteers – kneel there (each man taking an hour turn).  Several of these men, in the past, have fainted from the near 100*F heat and/or from oxygen deprivation.  Note also that Dannie expects them to do their hour, yet he himself spends only a few minutes there (probably just long enough for the “photo op”).  But what does Dannie care?  The photo looks good on the website page – and, after all, that’s what it’sall about: “the show.”

But in recent months, people haven’t been coming to “the show,” and Dannie has been chiding them about it (see Guilt-tripping Won’t Work Anymore, Dannie).  In fact, his guilt-tripping harangues have become almost a regular thing.  Of course, how could one blame a parishioner for not wanting to sit through (or kneel through) one of Dannie’s multi-hour bore-a-thons, day after day, on a regular basis?  Dannie’s hard-core brain-dead might put up with such marathon tedium, but it’s a tall order to expect anyone else to do it.  Besides, those who do come are often hit up for a donation -- as they are on Friday evenings during Lent.  (Yes, for making that extra effort to come on those Fridays for Stations, they get fleeced for their trouble!)

But Dannie has always been able to count on his Gerties to at least show up for his “social gatherings” -- especially his main summer bash, Saint John’s Evening, which, in Dannie’s words, is “the main church event here between June’s Octaves and July’s summer camps.”  Well, guess what?  It seems that this “cherished tradition” too has fallen by the wayside.  In his June 28, 2015 Bishop’s Corner, Dannie started out by waxing poetic on what a wonderful shindig it was: “It was sheer poetry, although none was declaimed in the midst of the prose and song. First we had Solemn High Mass and sermon in church, as befits Christians met to honor the birth of ‘the greatest of those born of women.’ Then we retired to the cloister for a fine summer’s supper of Brots [yeah, that’s how he spelled brats] and sauerkraut and salads, remarking the while on such a dry and mild evening in the midst of our very wet and warm weather. Then we retired to Helfta Hall for another of Fr. Cekada’s inimitable stories, full of imitations and clever topical allusions.”

After that, “a magnificent bonfire was kindled and blessed in St. John’s name,” and then some songs were sung by SGG’s school choir (who were, no doubt, required to attend), and then “Sticks and marshmallows were marshaled next for the obligatory roast, all calm and happy, the fiery marshmallows glowing in the nigh [night?] air, seconded by the lightning bugs.”  Then, after exhausting every opportunity to “applaud the ordinary” (and trying to make an evening of mediocrity sound “magical”), Dannie chided his Gerties, commenting  “Most of you were not there, perhaps because we neglected to put out the Internet “compelle intrare” (‘compel to come in,’ remember?).”

Well, shucky darns!  Most of his Gerties didn’t show up!  (Oh, sure, the usual “hard core” of brainless bootlickers were there, but most folks stayed away.)  Well, Dannie, perhaps they’re wearying of spending their Sunday afternoon sitting through a one-to-two-hour Solemn High Mass and sermon, and then spending the rest of the evening eating brats, sauerkraut, and roasted marshmallows [burp!], and then listening to one of Tony’s “stories” “full of imitations and clever topical allusions [ y-a-w-n! ] (Tony’s “stories” must be SGG’s answer to American Idol and America’s Got Talent – except that they should call it Tony’s Got Tedium.)  We’re sure that most Gerties would prefer to be in their own homes vs. sitting in front of a bonfire on a warmish evening while being eaten alive by mosquitoes, and listening to Tony’s nasal droning.  (The only possible “plus” about one of Tony’s “stories” is that it’s probably a good cure for insomnia.)

Yes, perhaps they’re getting sick of such “second-rate offerings” -- of settling for brats and sauerkraut, while Dannie “settles” for copious quantities of beef (while “doing Lent” in Mexico). Perhaps they’re tired of paying his “excessive heating bills” while their mothers (with small children) shiver in an unheated vestibule “cry room.”  Perhaps they’re tired of paying for a “white elephant” school that produces no results (or a new organ that’s no better than the old**).  Perhaps, too, they’re getting sick of Dannie’s pretentious flattery and affected sanctimony, and recognizing them as the lip service they are.  Perhaps they’re getting tired of a man who, although he himself has a long history of disobeying his superiors (including breaking solemn oaths of allegiance), demands unquestioning obedience from them, then exacts that obedience by using the sacraments as weapons against transgressors – denying them to anyone he deems as “non-compliant.”***  And perhaps they’re (at long last) getting tired of “the show”: the pontifical extravaganzas, the garish processions, and the over-the-top decorations and displays that take small armies of cult-slaves to erect and dismantle -- and who then get “guilt-tripped” for not coming to them often enough.

The truth is, they ARE getting sick of it all -- and they’re “voting with their feet.  The bottom line is that Dannie’s “old bag of tricks” -- the sanctimony, the flattery, the manipulative guilt-tripping, the intimidation and coercion, the “sacramental blackmail,” and (of course) the “show”: none of them are working their magic anymore -- and people are no longer intimidated by him.  The truth is, they’re catching on to Dannie’s act (and it IS just that: an act).  The truth is, Dannie is losing control -- and it’s about time.  And it’s time, too, that the pontificating parasite and his sidekick, Tinhorn Tony, fold up their tent and move on.  Dannie, it’s time to stop throwing your parties -- because nobody’s coming to them any more.


* The truth is, it’s probably NOT a “freebie.”  First off, in addition to the “Solemn High Mass and sermon in church” that preceded the “bash” (required attendance to get into it), the collection basket was probably passed around.  Secondly, this bash – just like everything else at SGG – is funded by parishioner donations anyway.  So, just as it is the case with the proverbial “free lunch,” it really isn’t a “freebie.”

** Several people who have actually heard the new organ say that it’s no better than the old one (and perhaps inferior).  In fact, one person described it as sounding “a bit tinny & unimpressive.”  Another who heard the organ corroborated that observation: “I also heard the sound of the ‘new’ organ and I would agree with the tinny sound.”  Like Dannie with his “apostolates,” Tony wanted a new organ – and he got it.  His and Dannie’s “wants” somehow become “needs.”  But what else could one expect from men who consider their three-climate-zone rectory a “need” – yet expect their parishioners’ mothers and small tots to put up an unheated vestibule “cry room.”  If they could justify that, they can justify ANYTHING.

*** In some cases, Dannie has even banned people from the propertyin writing, and by police order -- just for disagreeing with him.  Several of those who dared to question the scandalous events of 2009 were banned in that way (click here and here to a sampling of the documented cases).

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Sore That Keeps On Festering

We have often referred to Daniel Dolan as “the gift that keeps on giving,” because, just about every time he opens his mouth, he unwittingly betrays himself – and, in the process, unwittingly hastens his own self-destruction.  Well, we are here to say that, once again, Dannie has not disappointed us, as SGG’s June 21, 21015 Sunday bulletin reveals.  In his Bishop’s Corner, he did so in all the usual ways, hitting all his usual themes: syrupy sanctimony, a few not-so-subtle hints about begging for money, more “guilt-tripping” for those Gerties who didn’t come to “the show” often enough, lavish flattery for a shut-in parishioner (whose money he’s after), and even a little “Bergoglio bashing” for good measure.  And – oh yes – he asked for “prayers” for a former parishioner who is now in prison.  (This always makes him look “magnanimous” and “forgiving.”)

In his Bishop’s Corner, Dannie started off by flinging some arrows at the local HVAC vendor (a company called Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning), who were called in to repair the AC at SGG’s “convento”: The local HVAC god Apollo eventually descended from Olympus to repair it, but had to be propitiated with large amounts of money in advance.”*  This, of course, is one of Dannie’s favorite ploys: to insinuate that someone is unfairly charging SGG for its services.  (He referred to Apollo as the “god" Apollo, just as he referred to Duke Energy, the local electrical utility, as “the ‘Duke’ – and the bills paid to them as “the Duke’s ransom.”)  And also, of course, he is (not-so-subtly) hinting to the Gerties that – because Apollo “had to be propitiated with large amounts of money in advance” – he expects the Gerties to “chip in” to pay this bill (just as he did when he asked them to chip in on the “excessive heating bills” the last two winters).**

After that bit of sarcasm and poor-mouthing, then came these tidbits of guilt-tripping: “It would be nice to see all of you who have asked something of the saint [Anthony] at least once at his Summer Novena,”  then adding, “Besides, now that we have asked St. Anthony, we seem to have lost him from view, don’t we? His first day of devotions was practically abandoned.”  Wow, Dannie, that was really “tactful” of you to chide the Gerties again (as if they haven’t done enough).  Dannie, did it ever occur to you that the Gerties are getting sick of your "guilt-tripping" – and that they are ”voting with their feet”??

Dannie next mentioned that he set up a little secondary St. Anthony shrine in the side chapel, with votive candles you can light in the saint’s honor.”  Nice touch, Dannie!  Are you going to make them FIVE-DAY votive candles, so that you can get more for them -- and then extinguish them right away (so that they can be “recycled”), as one woman found out?***  Oh Dannie, you “fund-raiser” you!!

Dannie’s next ‘Corner piece was about one of SGG’s “shut-ins” celebrating her 96th birthday: “Bee (sic) had a wonderful 96th birthday, surrounded by Our Lord, His priest (Fr. McGuire brought Holy Communion in the morning) and many of her church friends, and cards, prayers and greetings from us all.”  Note that it wasn't Dannie or Tony who brought her Holy Communion; errands like that are reserved for lackeys.  The Dynastic Duo themselves are too important to attend to such “grunt” details.  However, they did send their lackey, because they know that “Bee” (Bea) has money – and they hope to get the lion’s share of it when she passes away.

Next, Dannie "spiced" his ‘Corner with some “public relations” electioneering, exhorting the Gerties, “Pray as well, if you would, for a very poor soul now in prison. [Name omitted] attended several churches here in succession a few years ago, but has now been sent to prison for a very grave crime indeed. I do not have any further information, but do ask for prayers for him, his wife and family, who must all be suffering very much. God reward your charity.”  Another “nice touch,” Dannie!  Although your school principal’s treatment of the family’s school-age child resulted in them removing that child from the school  (and quitting SGG altogether), you “remembered” him, because it makes you appear, as noted earlier, as “forgiving” and “magnanimous.”  (We also recall your “magnanimous” concern for Bp. Clarence Kelly when you reported that he had a debilitating disease that rendered him incapable of speech. (Of course, you referred to him as “Father” Kelly – which betrayed your true sentiments toward him.) 

Because this particular Sunday was Father’s Day, Dannie finished his Bishop’s Corner with this hackneyed bit of syrupy sanctimony: Whatever you do, dear Fathers on your day, have a blessed one. You have first place in our prayers today, as we remember just what a blessing a good father is!”  Luckily for Disingenuous Dan, most of the fathers (and families) who left back in 2009 were not there to witness this over-the-top affectation.  Otherwise, they might have responded with some “over-the-top” words of their own, because they realize that Dannie’s words ring about as true as those he habitually expounds on Guardian Angel Sunday, “waxing poetic” about “protecting the innocence of our children,” while simultaneously sanctioning the brutal mistreatment of SGG's school kids kids by the school principal (after which, Dannie told their irate parents that, if they didn’t like it, they could leave SGG).

But what else could one expect from someone who states that watching porn amounts to “boys will be boys,” or who doesn’t raise an eyebrow when a boy impregnates a fellow student -- yet who has another boy thrashed with a wooden paddle for missing his homework?  And what could one expect from an operation whose “priests” tell the school kids that wearing a “sports” headband or riding a roller coaster is a mortal sin?  And what could one expect from someone who exhorts his parishioners to pay his “excessive heating bills,” while he himself is vacationing in Mexico (during Lent) at their expense?  And what could one expect from someone who denies the sacraments to a long-time parishioner just because he attended a “rival chapel” (SSPX) while on vacation, yet holds a “triple-play” funeral (three priests celebrating three Masses simultaneously) for a woman who wasn’t even a “traddie”?****  And what could one expect from someone who justified the putting to death of Terri Schiavo, and who dismissed gross sexual immorality as “boys will be boys”?

SGG’s parishioners, oddly enough, are aware of most of these things – perhaps all of them.  But, up to now, Dannie’s “show” has been such a big magnet, that they are drawn to it in spite of themselves (and against their better judgment).  Down deep, they know that Dirt-bag Dan’s “Catholicism” is counterfeit, and that his words are nothing more than lip service -- that he tells his parishioners what they want to hear, then proceeds to do exactly what he wants to do.  But “the show” has kept them coming back.  However, because “the gift that keeps on giving” keeps “reaffirming” himself, perhaps it’s finally starting to sink in (and becoming irrefutably evident) that “the gift that keeps on giving” is more like the sore that keeps on festering – and that, one day, it will culminate in Dannie’s self-destruction coming to fruition.  That day cannot come any too soon.


* Ironically, what Dannie calls the “convento” is NOT a convent, but a rectory for housing priests.  When the “convento” was built, Dannie suckered the Gerties into paying for it by telling them that it was for SGG’s nuns, who were, at the time, “temporarily” housed offsite (necessitating a lengthy commute back and forth between their quarters and SGG – an inconvenience that added a good hour or more to their already long workday).  But, as it turned out, it was used instead to house SGG’s assistant priests (and visiting seminarians), NOT nuns.  (The nuns, overworked to the nubs, eventually left SGG in disgust.)  Why Dannie still refers to it as the “convento,” we do not know.

** What Dannie could have done (to avoid that big repair bill) was to not fix the “convento’s” air-conditioning at all.  That would put it on a par with SGG’s church vestibule, where moms with small kids are expected to sweat it out during the summer, and freeze in winter. Like those moms, the “convento” priests could just “offer it up.” After all, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

*** A former SGG parishioner stopped in at SGG one day for some holy water, and then lit a “five day” candle, only to discover -- when she stopped back the next day -- that it had been extinguished.  (see It’s the Little Things, Dannie).  It seems that this is a favorite tactic of Dannie’s: get them to pay for more, but give them less (and hope that they don’t find out).

**** The woman was not only “Novus Ordo,” but actually loathed Dannie, Tony, and the whole SGG cult regime.  So why did Dannie put on such an impressive “show” for her?  Simple: her husband was a prominent SGG cultie – and, more importantly, a big contributor to SGG’s coffers -- hence, the “big show.”  If he had not been “a source of revenue” for Dannie, she – of course – would have been denied the Mass (just as other “non-traddies” are).  So, in the end, it's not one’s religion that counts, but one’s bank account.